The most common Xbox Series X issues and how to fix them

The most common Xbox Series X issues and how to fix them

By IsraeliPanda

Like any new control centre, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S aren’t without issues. Despite the fact that since-exposed reports of smoking control centre painted Microsoft’s new control centre in an unfortunate light, the Series X has had a shockingly smooth send off (much smoother than the Xbox One, at any rate).

All things considered, a few issues remain. In this aide, we will cover the most widely recognized Xbox Series X issues, as well as how to fix them.

Prior to getting to any fixes, observe the different contact choices for Microsoft and Xbox support. There’s a strong emotionally supportive network set-up, and for specific issues, you’ll have to contact Microsoft for maintenance or substitution. On the off chance that you have a more modest issue that we haven’t shrouded in this aide, you can ping us on Twitter @DigitalTrends so we can add it to this aide, as well as label @XboxSupport. That is by all accounts the quickest support course.

As well as keeping support choices convenient, we suggest checking the Xbox Live status page oftentimes. You’ll observe all web-based issues for the Microsoft Store, games, films, applications, and more there.

Breakdown: Disks stalling out in the plate drive

Some early Xbox Series X units have a plate drive issue (similar issue liable for the following two issues we will examine). The most unsettling of these issues is the plate getting stuck mostly in the circle drive, in some cases joined by clearly clicking sounds or crushing commotions.

The issue here is with the circle drive itself, not with anything plate stalling out. Therefore, we suggest reaching out to Microsoft for maintenance or substitution utilizing the contact strategies above.

Fortunately, the issue doesn’t appear to be excessively mind-boggling. An early Reddit string showed various Xbox Series X clients having a similar issue, crediting it to the residue cover that safeguards the plate drive. Clients report that a modest quantity of power with the centre of your hand is typical to the point of slackening this cover and permitting the circle to slide in.

We haven’t seen any recordings of this fix working, and we haven’t experienced it ourselves. Honestly, we don’t suggest constraining a plate into your control centre. In the event that it messes up anything in the plate drive, it’ll very likely void your guarantee, and it might leave you with a wrecked game circle, as well.

Glitch: Clicking from the circle drive or fan

Plates getting stuck is the principal issue Xbox Series X proprietors are encountering, however, some likewise are detailing a clicking sound from the control centre subsequent to embedding a circle or while introducing a computer game.

Likely arrangement

On the off chance that the clicking is coming from your plate drive, the arrangement is straightforward. A few circles might cause a clicking sound in the plate drive when stacked. A decent method for testing assuming that your plate is the issue is to embed it into another Xbox console – an Xbox One will work – and check whether the issue continues. In the event that it doesn’t, there’s an issue with your plate drive. Contact Microsoft to orchestrate maintenance or substitution.

Assuming that the sound is coming from the vent at the highest point of your Xbox Series X, we have some terrible news. In the wake of encountering a clicking sound from the fan, a Reddit client opened their Xbox Series X and observed that a link was hanging near the fan, causing a clicking sound when the fan began to turn.

Like the issue above, we don’t suggest dismantling your Series X. It will void your guarantee, and on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you’re doing, you could get injured, as well. Contact Microsoft utilizing the strategies above to organize a maintenance or substitution all things considered.

Breakdown: Disks won’t play by any means

Some early Xbox Series X units will not perceive plates by any means. Note that this issue applies to all plates you embed, paying little mind to assume they’re Xbox One games, Blu-beams, or DVDs. On the off chance that you’re experiencing difficulty with a specific plate, we suggest cleaning the circle with a sodden microfiber material, allowing it to dry, and then giving it a shot with an alternate Xbox console. In the event that the circle being referred to is a Microsoft distributed game, you might have the option to trade it under the Xbox Game Disk Exchange program.

Likely arrangement

On the off chance that your control centre will not perceive a circle when you embed it, or it advises you to embed a plate when you as of now have one in, there are two potential issues. Either there’s an issue with your power mode – which, as per Microsoft, influences a few control centres – or there’s an issue with your plate drive.

You can tackle the power issue yourself, fortunately. You really want to change your power mode and play out a hard reset, which you can do by following these means:

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