TikTok and Prestashop have collaborations

TikTok and Prestashop have collaborations

By dayannastefanny

What is Prestashop?

PrestaShop is a free and open-source content management tool designed to create online e-commerce stores from scratch. It focuses on creating online stores for small businesses to large enterprises.

If you are looking for a way to manage the online business that allows you to have full control over all aspects of the store and customize them to meet your needs in a process and one for sale, it is a very reliable platform, and it is also open source and free, so you can create your own e-commerce business without a large financial investment.

Also, remember that this trading platform gives you the possibility to add the modules you need to add new features to your store, such as shipping and exporting data.

TikTok for Ecommerce: Big brands are already using it

The way in which brands position themselves on this entertainment platform is through the content they create on their own account, although, recently, TikTok also incorporates tools that allow its users to carry out effective campaigns. Some examples of major brands that have already started to use them are L’Oreal, Nike, and Apple Music, among others.

In April 2021, the Spanish company Mango launched a new clothing line aimed at teenagers of the so-called ‘TikTok generation‘. Mango Teen is aimed at ages between 11 and 15 years, even in the store itself has a stage to make TikTok’s, with the perfect light and seating areas with points to charge the mobile.

This new Mango brand has managed to create its own community with more than 150 thousand followers and open 8 stores so far this year. In their videos, they show everything from inspiring outfits to choreographies and dances.

Another example is L’Oreal, a pioneer in this field, which is testing new products and services. So, in the UK, its audience can buy products directly from the Garnier and NYX Professional Make-Up account pages on the app. There, TikTok community users will have several ways to view and purchase products from short video ads, existing videos, and articles in TikTok’s dedicated two-way product tab next to the main news tab.

Why should I use TikTok for my e-commerce business?

We can give you many reasons, here are a few:

  • It is a fully expandable website with excellent content-sharing capabilities.
  • It allows you to create videos with multiple channels and the content is an open strategy, which means that the videos you create on this network can be used on other social networks like Instagram reels.
  • You will have less competition. So far, few brands and companies have partnered with TikTok Business – but hurry up!
  • You’ll be able to sell, get attention and create a community with a new, digital audience.

 Tips for creating TikTok content in your online store

  • To create content on TikTok, it’s important to use the content available on social networks.
  • See what hashtags are used the most.
  • Find videos that can be used to create content and that represent your brand’s personality.
  • Give your content some humor and communicate in an intimate and fun way.
  • You’ll be able to showcase your creative process and your team’s daily work in a fun way. Get involved with influencer marketing. Tiktokers can help you increase sales or get your name out on the platform. These are the most visible profiles with the most followers, so stick with them if you want to grow your brand.
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