Tips to improve your cybersecurity

Tips to improve your cybersecurity

By dayannastefanny

To keep the information of their dealings with customers, as well as to maintain information systems; Today, this has become one of the first innovations of companies, as hackers are no longer only dedicated to making money, but have changed their way of working to protect data and to commit fraud with them or, in some cases, require them. paid. for looting. No matter where we are we will always be exposed to cyber danger, while it is true that attacks such as the infection of computer systems with malicious programs to encrypt information known as ransomware, can generate a serious impact on business operations, the reputation of the company or person is also at stake.

This shows that it is not enough to take IT security measures, it is necessary to evaluate and implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to renew and reinforce them on an ongoing basis, to secure the information of both users and companies. “Security is important because the more security elements there are in the network, the more consistent the information will be and the better the security will be.”

Tips for strengthening cybersecurity

Protect the Wifi network

Use a strong password and do not share it with just anybody. In case you have visitors often and want to give them access to the Internet while they are in the company, you need to set up a guest network. The safest thing to do is to hide the SSID of the network so that it recognizes the name to connect to it for the first time. Keep in mind that free public networks can be very insecure.

Use an antivirus

The use of an antivirus program is necessary to use for a computer. This will protect you from viruses, spyware, and other threats. A single unprotected computer can compromise the security of an entire company.

Use strong passwords

Do not use passwords such as “123456″, or names of children or pets as passwords. It is best to use random strings of characters that include letters, numbers, and other less common symbols.

Do not neglect mobile devices

Laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices are candidates for theft or loss. In the case of the telephone, do not forget that it is a real computer that contains a large amount of sensitive information. Be extremely cautious because a few seconds in front of an unlocked cell phone can be enough for a cyber intruder.

Access to equipment is exclusive and personal

Do not lend computers to just anyone and control physical access to equipment by unauthorized personnel.

Business network security

It is important to use a good firewall to protect access to your private network and encrypt data sent over the Internet. Otherwise, anyone can log in from the outside and can see all the devices connected to it.

Keep the equipment updated

The normal thing is that the manufacturers of the software publish regularly updates of their programs. Check that the operating system and the applications used have the latest security patches and, of course, that the antivirus database is up to date.

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