Top 3 Crowdfunding Sites in 2020

Top 3 Crowdfunding Sites in 2020

By carolc

Crowdfunding is a very popular concept in today’s modern world. The term may not strike much familiarity with you, but definitely, you must have encountered its mechanism of operation around you. Even if you’ve not seen it around, you’ll have stumbled into it via social media platforms, consciously or otherwise.

With the daily growth in technological advancement, the quest for personal development and entrepreneurial change keeps burning. People are starting to impact their world in different ways. Thanks to technology, making use of one’s skills to help others has become very easy.

Aside from using your skills to help improve the world, you’ll be making money as well. After all, what generates money is not skills alone. It is the application of the skills to solve problems that attracts the money. So, if you want to impact your world and make money at the same time, setting up a start-up business is a good start for you.

Moreover, starting a business is no child’s play. One of the key things that must be in place is the capital. If it’s not present, starting a business is as illusionary as building castles in the air. You need capital.

If you don’t have a capital to start your business, there are ways of generating one to establish your business. One of these ways is crowdfunding.

Perhaps you’re wondering what Crowdfunding is all about. We will be checking it out in the next section.

What is Crowdfunding?

From the morphological set-up of the word, it’s possible one can figure out what the concept means. “Crowd” means a large group of people, “funding” denotes a monetary contribution. The coinage of the two words therefore implies the coming together of a large group of people for making a monetary contribution.

However, in the strict sense of it, Crowdfunding is a business-helping ideology where a large number of people raise funds online for the start of a cause, project or organization. Crowdfunding has been the cornerstone for many businesses today. It’s a capital-raising strategy that has worked for many entrepreneurs and start-uppers. And guess what, it is still working!

With social media platforms connecting billions of people together all over the world, the world now is a global village. If used strategically and effectively, technology can help you a lot in generating funds to start your business.

You can make use of the advantages technology offers to make your business ideas come to reality. Lack of capital shouldn’t be a hindering stone to the start of your business. You have Crowdfunding by your side!

3 Best Crowdfunding Sites in 2020

Crowdfunding is life-changing. No doubt about this. However, it can be frustrating and disappointing if not done properly. Also, if you don’t know how to socialize with people and organize them together, you may have problems with Crowdfunding.

To pull out a good result from Crowdfunding, the best resources you can use to achieve this is making use of online Crowdfunding sites. There are lots of them, but in this article, we will be recommending some of the best ones for you.

Below are some of the best internet’s Crowdfunding sites.

1. Kickstarter

When it comes to big names in Crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter is among the top lists. If you are a tech entrepreneur with passion for creativity and innovation, then Kickstarter is a helpful Crowdfunding site you should consider.

Kickstarter helps tech entrepreneurs and start-uppers to raise funds for their business  before they can get loans or raise money for venture capital. Established in 2009, the company has raised more than $5 billion with over 189,000 projects funded.

Furthermore, Kickstarter is easy to use in carrying out fundraising campaigns. For fundraising campaigns, the first thing to do is to set your goal and have a time-bound frame for completing it. It is however important to note that your fundraising campaign cannot be done without getting an approval from Kickstarter.

Kickstarter operates on a strict “all or nothing” stand. This means that you’ll not get a dime of your funds if you don’t complete your campaign. It also implies that your funders’ credits card won’t be charged until your campaign goals are met. So, getting your funds is synonymous to the completion of your campaign.

Are you tech savvy with innovative initiatives? Don’t let capital-inavailability cripple you down. Kick start your tech business with Kickstarter!

2. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a Crowdfunding site that gives tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to carry out creative campaigns, community projects, as well as the execution of tech innovations. This site shares a number of similarities with Kickstarter, the only difference being that it operates on an “all or nothing” fundraising model, as Kickstarter does.

Indiegogo users have two options: fixed and flexible funding. Each has its benefits. If you have a project that requires a given sum of money, fixed funding is the better choice. This is because fixed funding is suitable for fundraising. On the other hand, if you want to benefit from as many sources as possible, then flexible funding is the right call. It clicks right with campaigns.

Furthermore, if you opt in for flexible funding, you’ll get your funds irrespective of achieving your campaign goals or not. However, it doesn’t work that way with fixed funding. If you don’t meet up with your goals, all funds will be given back to your donors.

One thing that matters is that you’re set to achieve your goals. Make your goals realistic and achievable. If you play your cards well, you’ll put off enough capital to start your business from this Crowdfunding site.

3. Causes

As far as online campaigns based on political, social and cultural subject matter are concerned, Causes is the world’s largest site for that! Causes profiles and brands itself as a social platform for individuals that want to make a difference in their world. It helps such individuals to achieve their goals in a more faster and effective way.

Causes is a massive social network connecting many people together all over the world. It has a teeming number of over 186 million users in 156 different countries across the world. This Crowdfunding site allows nonprofits to set up a donor community without much money and resources involved. It’s the best networking site for building a donor community. What’s more, Causes offers free services to all its users.

When you sign up on Causes, the platform gives you the chance to raise funds through different means. On your Crowdfunding page, your collection of donors and pledges can be done. Also, on the page, you can raise awareness, and share important information with potential donors.

In addition to its fundraising advantage, Causes is a perfect social networking platform where you can find people that share similar ideology or interest with you. Such accessibility makes Crowdfunding easier, faster and more result-generating, as you’ll have gathered a like-minded network of people with the same interest as you. You can also make petitions for advocacy on this Crowdfunding site.

Make use of online advantage to pool a like-minded crowd to help you raise funds! The best site that’ll help you out is Causes. It’s free and easy to use.


Crowdfunding is one of the best ways of raising funds to start your business. A business initiative is a soul. Once conceived, it needs to be acted up for its visible realization.

Capital is the major setback of starting a business. But you can change the narrative with Crowdfunding. To make things faster and more effective, there are many Crowdfunding sites you can use in raising funds. We have recommended some of the best for you in this article.

So, the question now is, are you ready to kickoff with your business initiative? Short of capital? Well, Crowdfunding to your rescue!

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