Top 5 Games on Steam under $10

Top 5 Games on Steam under $10

By syrus

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Steam has been the go-to place for gamers to find games of all shapes and sizes. And with the competition getting fierce every single day, game developers are trying to up their game by innovating their game ideas and bringing new content to the table.

From high-quality triple-A titles to epic indie games, there’s something for everyone. But with the rise in popularity of video games and the amount being invested in developing a great title, the price of these games is also climbing.

But if you are looking to get your hands on some awesome video game titles for a cheap price, we have got you covered with these top 5 games on steam for under $10!


Bastion – $2.99

Bastion is an action role-playing video game and the debut title of the Indie developer Supergiant Games and is published by Warner Bros. Bastion has redefined storytelling in videogames and there is nothing much to hate about the game, from stunning and captivating visuals to fluid gameplay. 

The hand-painted colorful art style gives the game a unique look of its own. The narrative of Bastion follows the Kid as he gathers unique rock fragments to power a building known as the Bastion in the wake of a catastrophic Calamity.

Transistor – $3.99

Supergiant Games has been the flag bearer of isometric graphics in the gaming industry, Transistor being another title from the studio, the video game looks quite unique and amazing with a prominent vibe of its own. 

The player controls Red, the game’s protagonist, as she explores different locations and engages in real-time combat with her adversaries known as the Process collectively, as well as a frozen planning mode that we call as turn-based.

Portal 2 – $9.99

Developed by Valve, Portal 2 is a puzzle-platform video game. Portal 2 is considered a mind-bending marvel by many, its prequel was received with open arms by the gaming world and Portal 2 created an even bigger wave with its bigger world, thicker story, and more surprising character development than the first game. 

The puzzles in Portal 2 are much harder to solve but the solution is always sensible so you would never be disoriented while solving a puzzle in the game. The puzzles at times are going to be so hard that will have no idea what to do but a sudden spark in the brain might just do it all. 

Don’t Starve – $9.99

You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a world full of science and magic, but if it’s a video-game, what better plot could there be? The world of Don’t Starve is uncompromising and unforgiving and to survive in such a wilderness would be no less than a challenge but challenges are fun when we are talking about Don’t Starve. 

It’s the kind of game in which you spend hundreds of hours mining for resources, fortifying your home, and customizing your character according to your preferences. It’s really a roguelike at heart because the game won’t hold your hand and once you are dead, you are truly dead.

Undertale – $9.99

Undertale is a 2015 2D role-playing video game by American indie developer Toby Fox. In Undertale, you control a human who falls underground into the world of oblivious monstrosities. What makes Undertale so unique is its clever understanding of RPG ideology and fantastic writing which just won’t fade away from the minds of those who have played the game for a long while, it is a unique experience with a vibe of its own. 

Undertale has a way of being humorous and heartfelt at the same time, there are hidden meanings to a lot of elements of the game that radiate a sense of humanity and morality. And since it’s been a while, you can buy Undertale for very cheap now.


That’s a quick rundown of some of the hidden gems on Steam that you can buy for a very cheap price. These games might not sound much but they are super fun to play and quite addicting, to say the least. Hopefully, this list will point you in the right direction to find a worthy game to spend your hard-earned money on.


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