Top Free Language Apps To Try in 2023

Top Free Language Apps To Try in 2023

By auroraoddi

In today’s bustling world, speaking multiple languages does more than just give you bragging rights. It’s a window into diverse worlds, a bridge to unique friendships, and a stepping stone to career advancements. But let’s be real—diving into a new language can feel like a massive leap. That’s where our nifty language apps step in. These modern-day mentors adjust your ears and tongue, helping you grasp and chat in a fresh tongue, all from your favorite nook.

Decked out with playful features, hands-on life-like settings, practical chats, and fresh teaching techniques, these apps spin the narrative on language learning. It’s now an immersive joyride. Whether you’re relaxing with a coffee, waiting for your ride, or snuggling up in bed, all you need is your phone and a dash of gusto to jumpstart this thrilling linguistic adventure.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the top free language apps you absolutely must try in 2023. With each app offering unique teaching styles, we bet you’ll find one perfectly matched to your learning preferences.


Are you thinking of visiting (or Zooming, to be more 2023-correct) with your friend Rebecca in Berlin? Or perhaps you’re brushing up your French to impress Jean at the boulangerie on your next dream vacation. Whatever your reasons, Babbel – one of the best free learning tools today – is here to ensure you sound less like a lost tourist and more like a cosmopolitan citizen of the world!

While it’s true that not all content is available in Babbel’s free version, this ‘limitation’ is merely a façade. As it turns out, you actually get exponentially more content from Babbel’s free app than some other language apps that keep a tight lid on their treasures. Also, the lessons from the inside give a special focus on practical conversation skills, meaning you won’t be awkwardly stuttering out of a phrasebook; rather, you’ll be chit-chatting about the weather or haggling at local shops like a native! 

So if you’re looking for something for a warm up, then this is the perfect app for you!


Ready to embark on the language escapade of a lifetime? The Ling app is here to spin your world of linguistics like a well-navigated globe. It combines the elements of education and entertainment into an irresistible mix that guarantees leaps and bounds in fluency. You’ll be absolutely captivated from the moment you tap “Start.”

Unlike the free apps we listed here, Ling is the only one that specializes in Asian languages. This means that you can have over 200 comprehensive lessons for languages like Tagalog, Thai, Korean, and Japanese! And when we say “lesson,” we do not just mean pages of texts! We’re talking about actual courses complete with exercises, quizzes, and simulations so that you can actually gain the confidence in speaking your target language. 

The best part? It’s a freemium app so you can check out all the free lessons and see why thousands are raving about it. Ready to give it a try? Sign up for a free Ling account and get a special surprise!


Imagine a world where learning a new language is as delightful as sinking into your favorite video game or binge-watching a gripping series. Sounds far-fetched? Well, give out a hoot of victory because that is precisely what Duolingo can offer you. Duolingo cleverly turns language learning into a detective game as you hunt for clues and decipher the puzzling patterns. Their short, varied lessons have you cracking codes and cracking a smile, all the while making progress towards fluency. 

What sets Duolingo apart from other language apps is its ability to adapt to your learning style. By customizing lesson frequencies and content based on your performance, Duo becomes the perfect personal language trainer. Additionally, it encourages consistency by keeping track of your daily progress using a streak. This motivates you to maintain an unbroken chain of daily language workouts. It’s like the unstoppable Rocky Balboa of language learning – you just keep going!


With its focus on practical phrases and vocabulary, Memrise takes a unique, hands-on approach using its  ‘plant, grow and water’ method to language education. By using this freemium resource consistently, you can show off your French at the farmer’s market or confidently order tapas in Spanish like a pro!

But if there’s one feature that needs to be shouted from the digital rooftops – Memrise’s “Learn with Locals” feature is nothing short of a game-changer! Imagine teleporting to the sun-soaked streets of Spain, the cherry blossom-filled parks of Japan, or the espresso-perfumed cafes of Italy without stepping out of your living room. This feature delivers real-word videos, with real locals using everyday language. It empowers you to grasp the nuances of tongue and tone—things a textbook could never master. You’re not just learning languages; you’re experiencing them from within their real context!

Over To You

So which of the apps above is your favorite? While there are still a lot of language apps that deserve a mention, Duolingo, Babbel, Ling, and Memrise simply stand out. These free apps to try harness the power of technology, the magic of engagement, and the strength of freemium offerings to ensure your journey towards multilingual mastery is not just successful, but downright budget-friendly. 

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the journey, polyglots-in-waiting, and let these apps help you reach your target fluency!

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