Use this calculator to see how much time you’ve spent on Netflix

Use this calculator to see how much time you’ve spent on Netflix

By IsraeliPanda

Another number cruncher has shown up on the web which can show clients precisely how long they have spent staring at the TV shows and motion pictures on Netflix.

CompariTech’s Time Spent Streaming device inspects information from a Netflix record to uncover the quantity of hours an individual has spent streaming substance.

It shares other fun measurements, for example, an individual’s most-watch series, normal time spent streaming each day or a most loved type.

The device likewise nearly measures your information with how you might have invested that energy all things considered.

For instance, assuming you endured 183 days watching Netflix it will uncover you might have perused many books, ran large number of long distance races or finished a college degree in that time.

By and large, Netflix clients watched 3.2 long stretches of streaming substance each day in 2020. This is an aggregate measure of 6 billion hours of the month.

Last year, clients additionally endured an additional 21 hours sitting in front of the TV each month as the pandemic constrained individuals inside.

CompariTech found Netflix was the main streaming stage in 2020, with 37 million new endorsers joining the site, including 80% from outside the US.

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