Virtual reality of stranger things

Virtual reality of stranger things

By dayannastefanny

No one doubts the Stranger Things phenomenon anymore. Only four days after the premiere of its third season last month, Netflix declared that 40.7 million accounts had started watching the season, and almost half of these had even finished it and for this reason, they are expanding their universe in different media, and more specifically, those related to extended reality (umbrella term to refer to virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality).


In Stranger Things VR we will not be any of the protagonists of the series, but we will embody Vecna himself, the villain we discovered in its last season.

The studio responsible for its development is a great industry fan, Tender Claws, behind such mythical titles as Virtual Virtual Reality or theater proposals in virtual reality as The Under: Presents Tempest and the game will arrive in late 2023 to “major VR platforms.


On August 4, 2016, Netflix published on its Youtube channel the following 360 videos, through light, sound and movement of objects, this experience draws our gaze to the epicenter of the situation, immersing us in the world of Stranger Things and giving us life in one of the most iconic and important scenes of the series.

There is also a 6 DOF version of this virtual reality experience that allows you to walk around the room and point to different parts of the room to turn on a flashlight, you can even receive an unexpected alarm when your phone rings in the distance and warns you of the danger ahead and especially the main characters didn’t have to fake their fear of the chroma key scenario because they can try this virtual reality experience in the flesh and see their reactions in this other additional content from the series.

This free experience launched on PlayStation VR with the title Stranger Things: The VR Experience, bringing an unofficial fan-made game called Stranger Things VR to Quest and PC VR.

Stranger Things is no video game newbie.

Tender Claws is not a brand-new restaurant in this virtual sincerity. They are the authors of values such as Virtual Reality or The Under Presents. As for Stranger Things, it’s not even a newcomer to video games, though they’re not proud of their triple-A nobodies. Telltale Game, The Walking Dead’s restaurant, was working on a narrative flirtation, however, the restaurant’s crack caused the sketch to be repealed.

Stranger Things will return for a final and final season. In a quote with Indie Wire, the Duffer brothers noted that they were doing “everything possible” to focus “on the original character board.” According to their words, whenever they introduce a new star, they always guarantee “that he or she is integrated into the narrative”. The strip has “a large cast of characters,” so they are “very careful” to integrate quintessential characters like Eddie Munson.

stranger things’ augmented reality on different platforms

In October 2017, coinciding with the season 2 premiere, which coincided with the Halloween holiday, Shazam, Netflix and Snapchat joined forces to launch an augmented reality portal into the world of Stranger Things, which opened as the main theme of the series. created. I discovered the series. on the Snapchat app. In this world, you had to interact with certain objects and look for different Easter eggs. But don’t worry. If things go wrong on the other side, you can walk back through the door to reality.