What are uncommon microsites and how they are created with Webflow

What are uncommon microsites and how they are created with Webflow

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Figure out how Webflow wizard Timothy Ricks makes phenomenal microsites with Webflow by zeroing in on esteem over changes and creating snapshots of joy.

Unprecedented microsites are a chance for architects to make locales that give more than they take. Here are genuine instances of advanced encounters that support, teach, prepare, and engage.

As Senior Design Engineer for advanced organization ThreeSixtyEight, Timothy Ricks goes through his days fixating on making sites, presentation pages, and online encounters that think outside the box. In his extra time, he additionally runs a YouTube channel that makes sense of how he utilizes Webflow to do precisely that.

So it was an easy decision to request that Timothy share a portion of his certifiable mastery at No-Code Conf 2021, where he conveyed a staggering show on utilizing Webflow to make exceptional microsites. You can watch the entire video here, or read on for Timothy’s vital important points on ways of building destinations that stick out.

What are exceptional microsites?

Priorities straight: a microsite is basically a little site – typically a solitary page or a small bunch of pages – made for a particular point. An unprecedented microsite, as Timothy characterizes it, is a microsite that is centred around making a custom encounter that offers some incentive to the guest.

Dissimilar to conventional microsites, phenomenal microsites aren’t driven by changes. They aren’t directing guests to finish a structural fill or complete a particular CTA. All things considered, they’re offering some incentives and permitting the guest to relate the brand behind the microsite with that positive experience.

Four different ways an extraordinary microsite gives worth to its guests

Timothy separates four significant ways an exceptional microsite can give esteem: support, training, furnishing with assets, or diversion. He additionally noticed that one microsite can accomplish more than one of these objectives simultaneously.


Giving support can have an enduring effect. Timothy relates a particular illustration of how he and his group at ThreeSixtyEight assembled an unprecedented microsite intended to empower a quite certain crowd. During the pandemic, they constructed a site considered ShareViralPositivity where anybody could come and transfer a photograph or empowering note to show support for nearby Louisiana medical care labourers.

Clinics cooperated with the office to show the site on their screens and cycle through these reassuring messages over the course of the day. Furthermore, alongside the positive messages, the site brought more than $100,000 up in direct gifts to medical services labourers.


Sharing information doesn’t need to exhaust. At the point when a client came to the office to make a PDF that would help proprietors of childcare focuses comprehend how to securely return after a catastrophic event, Timothy’s group tested out an elective thought. Rather than perusing a PDF about form and pesticides, couldn’t guests advance more from an intelligent microsite?

The ThreeSixtyEight group wound up making an advanced encounter for childcare focus proprietors. The site permitted them to watch enlivened illustrations, take tests on what they realized, and go through an agenda of the fundamental supplies. At the point when Hurricane Ida got through the next year, the microsite had the option to assist with directing guests on the best way to securely return in a connecting way.


Giving guests the apparatuses and assets they need to settle on a choice or execute an arrangement is a substantial method for offering significant benefits. For instance, Timothy and his group made an intuitive microsite to help guardians slender down and decide on the ideal school for their kids.

Guardians could visit the site and answer inquiries regarding their needs and needs connected with everything from transportation to extracurricular exercises. After they finished the poll, they came by constant aftereffects of schools in their space that matched their necessities. While this sort of involvement would typically require all parts to be coded without any preparation, the planners had the option to utilize Webflow to construct the experience and channel results from the CMS.


Timothy’s #1 method for offering some benefit is to engage. Before their last organization retreat, the ThreeSixtyEight group chose to construct fervour by creating an encounter that began with a Monday morning forager chase to open the area of the retreat. As each group finished the scrounger chase, they were given a QR code that opened a portable web application – additionally, underlying Webflow – where they could sign in, view the schedule, and, surprisingly, pursue outings.

While Timothy recognizes this sounds like a great deal of work for an organization retreat, he reports that the colleagues totally adored the experience and said it truly caused them to feel esteemed and appreciated. Amusement might be cheerful, however, it can have a genuine effect.

While Timothy’s models clarify that remarkable microsites come in many shapes and sizes, they all share three normal core values: make another person the legend, make snapshots of joy, and customize the experience.

Make another person the legend

As Timothy depicts, the best-promoting destinations as of now attempt to make the guest the legend through the language they use. They just discussion about the organization from the perspective of how it can assist the guest with accomplishing their objectives or alleviate their problem areas.

Unprecedented microsites go above and beyond by really placing the guest in controlling everything in the experience. With ShareViralPositivity, guests transferred photographs and submitted messages, making the extremely happy that energized medical services labourers. What’s more, in the organization retreat model, the representatives were liable for finishing a forager chase to uncover the area and download the application.

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