Which applications will you never stop using?

Which applications will you never stop using?

By dayannastefanny

We are living more and more devoted to technology. From cell phones, which facilitate calls, and messages and replace the usual photo and printing cameras… Or eBooks, which allow us to have thousands of books stored in a clean device, without hiding the laptops, which makes it easier for us to go wherever we want.

Technological advances have stifled our importance, our way of lounging, and even our way of marketing products. Now we can get whatever we want without leaving our armchairs. Although we can no longer conceive of their importance of them, we could survive without technology, as previous centuries have shown us. Of course, we would have to be more aware of everything around us, it would take us more time to manage things and it would even take us longer to do them.

Which technologies you can’t live with?


I support black businesses on purpose. Since moving to New York, I’ve had to find new places to eat and drink. EatOkra is like Yelp for black restaurants, bars, food trucks, and more.

Cell phones

Easy to carry anywhere, and with the possibility of both using your own data and taking advantage of the WiFi connection. In addition to being always reachable, smartphones are one of the most widely used electronic devices as gaming platforms thanks to the large number of apps available.


Digital camera and video camcorder for kids with touch screen, soft silicone housing, detachable lens cap, WiFi and app, 16 GB memory card


A photo-sharing app where users are asked once a day at different times to share a photo of what they’re doing in a two-minute window, BeReal is a nice break from the annoying filters and videos on other platforms.  Plus, it’s nice to see the mundane life we all live.

Rode mics

Problems can arise at any time, or you may have to present at home or away from home. A good microphone is necessary, but it can be expensive and comes with different cables and adapters. I started using these small Rode Wireless mics ($299) for public video on my phone and found the quality was on par with my larger mics. Now I can put my wireless device in my pocket and I’m ready to go anywhere.

Streaming platforms

As time goes on the use and sale of streaming platforms grow it is now common to have them in your home or on your cell phone to distract you.

Connectivity becomes a commodity of necessity

This inquiry left several points to study on the nascent appearance in which the Internet becomes a fundamental constituent in absolute daily because the data throws that a third of the Yankee people disburse their most necessary products online, being the adults between 35 and 44 who have more options to delimit what they most require.

Along with this, they commented that the storage in the heap is little that they consider, because it is a system of storage that has several advantages, according to the respondents, how endorsement and recovery (51 %), safety (42 %), and intelligible access (41 %).

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