Windows 11 Update: what it fixes

Windows 11 Update: what it fixes

By ariannaflamini

In 1985, Microsoft Corporation produced operating environments and operating systems grouped under the name Microsoft Windows, oriented towards personal computers, servers, smartphones and workstations. Microsoft Windows took its name from the programming interface of an app with windows called File Explorer.

Microsoft continues to evolve and this year decides to update the Windows 11 operating system. It is said that the new package solves problems reported by users over the time.

This new updated package is the KB5012643 and it can be downloaded via Windows Update by Windows Insider subscribers. The problems that Microsoft has tried to solve are various and also introduced changes. It starts from the resolution of a series of bugs that made the user experience of Eleven difficult and the bugs with video subtitles. He also changed in the app bar the icon that shows the temperature and the developers have improved Secure Boot and fixed an issue that led to memory loss. In addition, the same update solved an issue that prevented, when an app is opened full screen, to use the buttons to enlarge, to minimize and to close a window.

Recently, however, Microsoft has also warned users that the KB5012643 update released for Windows 11 could cause problems to many applications for the operating system and probably the only way to solve the problem, to those who present, is the uninstallation of the package. So you can uninstall KB5012643 by selecting the button “Start and Type”, Windows Update Settings, and select it. In the Windows Update settings window, you should then select “View Update History” and tap on “Uninstall Update”. Find KB5012643 in the list and select it. Then click on “Uninstall”.

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