Windows and Android: are they really less safe than Apple?

Windows and Android: are they really less safe than Apple?

By ariannaflamini

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Because of malware, Windows and Android are the most at-risk platforms compared to the giant which is Apple, according to an analysis conducted by Atlas VPN. The information we have is based on a data analysis of AV-Test GmbH which is an independent provider of antivirus and computer security.

This ruling is proved by the fact that more than 316.000 malware are created every day and a total of 34 million threats were registered only in 2022. The data was last updated in April 2022. In fact, between January and April, the malware threats discovered reached 34.76 million.

As for the platforms mentioned above, Windows was the most affected. It recorded 25.48 million new malware samples. Android instead recorded 536 thousand against the 2 thousand of macOS, a number not acceptable according to Apple, but they are trying to decrease it at all costs. iOS numbers, however, are even lower.

This situation probably affects the general idea that Apple is more safe than other platforms. The presence and prevalence of malware on Android and Windows has been the central argument of Apple against the opening of its platforms and has also argued that antitrust legislation in the European Union and the United States could create real damage to privacy and user safety.

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