Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera for smartphone and computer on Amazon

Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera for smartphone and computer on Amazon

By IsraeliPanda

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Leisure activity FOCUSED – Useful and a good time for understudies, gatherers, analyzers, and anyone with any interest at all in investigating the tiny world. Incorporates a magnifying instrument camera yet can’t be utilized as an archive camera

Superior quality – 2.0 Megapixels, up to 250x amplification:


Electronic magnifying lens utilizes a webcam chipset and sensor to help almost any working framework utilizing standard webcam programming. Clients with an Oculus Rift might require extra arrangement

Incorporated LIGHTING –

LED corona light with brilliance change control. Adaptable arm stand with perception cushion incorporates graduated marks for simple estimation or use as a handheld magnifying instrument


We love our Plugable items, and trust you will as well. Every one of our items is supported with 2-year restricted parts and Jiusion convenient amplification is a valuable and interesting magnifying instrument for understudies, architects, designers, and other people who need to amplify and investigate the miniature things.

Be viable with Mac, Window XP or more, Linux. This magnifying lens isn’t viable with iPhone/iPad.

This amplification just helps Android cell phone which has OTG function. (How to Check OTG? Download the free app”USB OTG Checker”)

Implicit 8 LED lights, computerized magnifying instrument’s 2 changing handle can change the concentration and splendour.

Associated with the gadgets, you can utilize the product to record the miniature world, catch screen capture and record video. Other than you can utilize the Windows programming’s estimation capacity to quantify even a little bit.

work guarantee as well as Seattle-based email support

Application Provided: Optional programming for IOS, Android, Windows 7 8 10 XP, OS X. Can work with all cell phones like iPhone and Samsung, windows Computer Tablet and Macbook.

Amplification and High Definition: 2 million pixels, 1080P HD picture quality for cell phone, 720P for PC, 50x more amplification can meet your everyday necessities. Inherent 8 Dimmable LEDs give sufficient illuminance.

Simple to Carry: It is extremely simple to charge and the charge goes on for quite a while. It makes for an extremely valuable and tomfoolery instrument to constantly have with you on the outside. You can partake in the compact smaller than expected pocket magnifying instrument on your temperament climbs.

A Funny Tool: This is an electron magnifying lens, not a customary magnifying instrument, Not reasonable for proficient genuine scholars! This is most certainly an extremely intriguing thing for guardians, grown-ups, educators, understudies, kids, kids, authorities, analyzers, gadgets’ maintenance people, and curious people who are keen on investigating the infinitesimal world.

Not just a Microscope: More than a magnifying lens, it is a camera, It would zoom be able to in as well as take photographs and record recordings. The capacity to take video despite everything photographs is astounding. It’s truly helpful while recording plant stages all through their lifecycle.

Wireless Connection for Phone: Download the product on the client manual from Google Play or APP Store; Turn on the magnifying lens, interface the wifi (no secret key) which transmits from the magnifying instrument; Run the application and it is not difficult to utilize.

USB Connection for Computer:

1. For win 10, you can straightforwardly plug into the USB port and search CAMERA in WINDOWS to track down it and snap-on.

2. WIN 7/8, downloading an Amcap will address this issue.

3. For MacBook, kindly utilize Macbooks’ packaged programming Photo Booth or Quick Time Player straightforwardly.

4. Note: Please incapacitate the default PC camera in Windows! Also, you need to change your security settings for the camera, which should have been changed to allow access.

What You Get: 1x magnifying instrument, 1x USB link, 1x stand, 1x base, 1x client manual, our 24-hour proficient after-deals administration.

  • 2K HD Compared with WiFi magnifying lens whose pixels should be packed to send off WiFi transmission, this 2K usb magnifying instrument can without much of a stretch communicate 3.7 million superior quality pictures through the information link and contribution to cell phones and PCs in a flash.
  • Dependable Design Wired association can guarantee quick information transmission. Since the lithium battery of remote items, by and large, can uphold 100-500 re-energizes, it can’t be pretty much as strong as this extension. We have been told by our clients occasionally that their wired Jiusion magnifying instrument has been functioning as expected for 3-4 years.
  • Simple to Use Plug and play. No extra settings are required. Simply plug the magnifying instrument into the gadget and open the application to get the picture. It is viable with Windows, Mac, Android and Linux gadgets.
  • Wide Application Suitable for all ages. It isn’t just utilized for the recognizable proof of collectables like mint pieces, changes out, stamps, and precious stones, yet in addition helps in fastening circuit sheets and establishing plants. Furthermore, it can likewise be utilized to concentrate on little creatures. It is likewise useful for the assessment of skin, pores and scalp.
  • Dependable brand As an expert dealer who has sold magnifying instruments on Amazon for a long time, Jiusion has laid out convenient correspondence and solid after-deals administration. Any quality issues may be supplanted by another fresh out of the box new degree.
  • No Crashing and No Freezing: Most stable WiFi execution for iOS and Android. Additionally viable with Windows and Mac OS (USB Port Needed)
  • Top-quality: 2.0 Megapixels, 1080P HD picture quality, 50X more amplification, and 8 implicit movables LED.
  • Simple to Carry: Easy to charge and goes on for quite a while. Lightweight and little size permits you to notice plants, minerals, bugs on your excursions.
  • In excess of a Microscope: Take pictures and record recordings like a camera with App gave.
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