10 hidden functions to master the Amazon Fire TV

10 hidden functions to master the Amazon Fire TV

By IsraeliPanda

Effective and economical, Amazon Fire TV gadgets (Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and so forth) are among the easiest answers for change your TV into an associated TV at a lower cost.

Be that as it may, my Amazon stage, which gives admittance to the Prime Video index as well as numerous other real time video stages like Netflix, Apple TV +, YouTube or even Disney +, conceals a great deal of insider facts.

Underneath their clear straightforwardness, Fire TV gadgets contain many elements that are regularly underused, while possibly not totally disregarded by clients. Figure out all that you really want to be aware to have full control of your Fire TV.

  1. Utilize your cell phone as a controller and console

Assuming you habitually lose your Fire TV controller, know that while standing by to get your hands on it, you can in any case control it from your cell phone. How? ‘For sure’ ? Because of the authority Fire TV application that Amazon offers for download on Android and iOS.

To make it work, notwithstanding, your cell phone should be associated with a similar Wi-Fi network as your Fire TV. Then, at that point, simply send off the application which, after a fast sweep of your organization, ought to find on its own the Fire TV associated with your TV.

  1. Design a console, mouse or even a Bluetooth headset

Along these lines as what the Fire TV application on cell phones permits, you might well consider interfacing a Bluetooth console and mouse to your gadget.

This will permit you to utilize the implicit internet browser on the Fire TV to peruse the web from your TV. 

  1. Control your Fire TV by voice

You have some control over your Fire TV by voice in more than one way. The first, by holding down the button addressing a mouthpiece, present on the controller, then, at that point, saying without holding back what you need to do. Your Fire TV will run without saying Alexa.


On the other hand, assuming you have Amazon Echo associated speakers, or you utilize the Alexa application on your cell phone, you can likewise control your Fire TV, by conjuring Alexa.

  1. Utilize your photographs as a screen saver

In the event that you have a Fire TV, odds are you are a Prime supporter. As well as free transportation and conveyance inside one working day, the Prime membership offers numerous different honors: Prime Video, Amazon Music Prime, Prime Reading, or even Amazon Photos, a limitless web-based capacity offer for all your photographs. .

  1. Make represents every client

Assuming you have different individuals from your family watching Prime video content from Fire TV, it’s ideal to make various client profiles. Along these lines, every individual will see proposals relating as they would prefer showed in Fire TV, with Prime Video in light of the substance recently watched to show ideas.

While it’s feasible to make various profiles on Prime Video by marking into your record from your internet browser, you can likewise do so straightforwardly from Fire TV.

To do this, run Prime Video, then at the highest point of the point of interaction, go to the hued speck comparing to your profile and pick the choice Switch Profil.

  1. Stream content from your cell phone to your TV

You probably won’t know it, however your Fire TV can stream media from your cell phone to your TV.

Given obviously that your gadgets are completely associated with a similar Wi-Fi organization, you will find in Android and iOS versatile applications like YouTube, Netflix, and so on a button to “cast” the substance, as on a Chromecast gadget, to show it on your TV.

  1. Design your Amazon Echo speakers on the Fire TV

On the off chance that you have Amazon Echo shrewd speakers, you can utilize them to stream sound from your Fire TV.

To work, you should interface every one of your gadgets to a similar Wi-Fi organization. Then, at that point, open the Alexa application on your Android cell phone or your iPhone, and go to the tab Devices. Then, at that point, press the button + at the upper right and decide to Combine speakers.

  1. Force restart from the controller

As opposed to going to Settings to play out a legitimate reboot of your Fire TV, it is feasible to do it straightforwardly from the remote.

To do this, press and hold the approval button (situated in the focal point of the circle-molded route button) and the Play/Pause button for a couple of moments. A message will then show up on the screen to tell you that your Fire TV is restarting.

  1. Switch off promotion following

Naturally, your Fire TV, as other Amazon gadgets, is gotten up positioned gather your utilization information, including serving you designated promotions. Notwithstanding, you can switch off information assortment without any problem.

  1. Introduce Android applications from your cell phone

Amazon locally offers to introduce various applications on Fire TV. Be that as it may, you may not necessarily in every case find what you are searching for.

Fortunate for you, Fire TV runs on Fire OS, a changed rendition of Android. So that implies Fire TV upholds introducing Android applications from APK records.

And keeping in mind that it’s feasible to go straightforwardly through Fire TV’s underlying internet browser to download APKs, there’s another way that is to a lesser degree a problem: the sideloading. Solidly, you can utilize your Android cell phone to send the applications introduced there to your Fire TV.

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