4 ways to delete passwords on Android

4 ways to delete passwords on Android

By auroraoddi

Do you want to delete passwords stored on your Android device? You may need to perform this task for a variety of reasons. To do some cleanup perhaps. You have credentials saved on your automatically integrated password manager to your Android device and want to delete them. Or you wish to delete them as a matter of security. In this guide by Syrus, we will explain how to do this to delete the passwords stored on your Android service without freezing your login session for subsequent attempts.

We are about to explain how to delete the login session from apps via the features now built into both the operating system and the service itself. And also how to delete saved passwords on Chrome or directly on Android. It may happen, in fact, that although you have logged out within an application, the login with your credentials remains within the system. So let’s see how to delete passwords on Android.

1- Delete login from apps

Almost every app we use allows you to save your password to make logging in easier and faster. Most apps allow you to perform this operation. In fact, it is not possible to delete the password stored in the default Google apps associated with the system account. However, as we said, most apps allow this but not all of them work the same way. Usually, however, the operation to follow is quite common, let’s see which one:

  • Open the application from which you want to log out
  • Go to the main menu
  • Press settings
  • Select the Exit/Logout or Disconnect/Disconnect items

At this point the app will try to take you back to the password entry screen again. If you find it saved in the entry box again, to remove it just press the Remember Me checkbox or, the Forget Me/Forget button. Done! This way you will have deleted your password from an application of your choice.

2- Delete login from Android settings

If you were unaware, you also have the option to delete your passwords directly from your Android device. First try removing the account in the settings. To do this follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings on your phone
  • Select Users and Accounts
  • In the list that appears, search for the application or account associated with the application
  • Select the account and tap on the three dots at the top
  • Now press Remove Account twice

If after performing this step you see that your data is still saved within the app, you should proceed with removing the app’s data. In this way:

  • Open the Settings
  • Select the App item
  • Now press on App Management
  • Among the list of apps, scroll down and find the relevant app and tap on it
  • Select Memory usage
  • Tap on Clear data

In this way you have removed login data and other data within the app. For this very reason make sure you do not delete data that may be important within the app.

3 – Delete passwords in Password Manager

Android’s Password Manager is a very useful feature that saves all your credentials for accessing Web sites. To delete the passwords within it follow these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Passwords and Security
  • Press Manage passwords then select Google
  • In the Password Manager section, search for and select the credentials you wish to delete
  • You will be asked to log in via your device’s security, after doing so press Delete twice

4 – Delete passwords on Chrome

Deleting passwords on Chrome is a very simple step but one that may take you a while. Nothing impossible though!

  • Start the Google Chrome app
  • Select the three dots in the top right corner
  • Now tap on Settings
  • Then tap on Passwords
  • When you get this far, select the website for which you want to delete your password
  • Finally, tap the trash can icon
  • Repeat this step for all the passwords you want to delete

If you have followed all the steps we have provided then you will have succeeded in deleting your passwords saved on your device.

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