5 Awesome Gaming Channels you Should Follow

5 Awesome Gaming Channels you Should Follow

By Alex Balaniuc

For many people, there’s nothing better than to relax by watching their favorite YouTuber or Twitch streamer after a stressful day at work or at school. This is especially true for those who love video games. Gaming enthusiasts will obviously find enjoyment in consuming video game-related content, and in participating in a community that shares that same passion.

But, sometimes, good gaming content might be pretty hard to come across. Nowadays, the market for such videos is extremely saturated, with brand-new gaming channels popping out seemingly every day.

So, if you need some help with finding a good gaming channel to follow, I think I’ve got you covered: in today’s article, we’re discovering 5 awesome gaming channels to follow you may not know about!

Here are 5 super enjoyable YouTube and Twitch gaming channels

This list contains not only playthrough livestream-type video game channels. In fact, I’ve decided to include content creators that discuss and explore games from a critical standpoint, as well.

Call Me Kevin

Platform: YouTube

With more than 3 million subscribers, Call Me Kevin has become one of the most successful and beloved gaming-based YouTubers. Almost all of Kevin’s 1,800+ videos amassed over 500K views each, which is simply insane. That clearly tells us how good his content is. His regular uploading schedule, with an average of 3-4 videos per week, is also a big point in his favor.

Call Me Kevin is centered around post-edited playthrough videos accompanied by Kevin’s humorous commentary. His strength is undoubtedly the unconventional and politically incorrect way of playing video games, which allows for the development of hilarious chaotic scenarios.

Josh Strife Plays

Platform: YouTube

You’ll definitely enjoy Josh Strife Plays‘ content if you have an interest in older games. In fact, on this emerging channel you’ll find video reviews that delve deep into several more or less acclaimed video games of the past.

Josh Strife Plays has only been around for 10 months or so, but its “Was it good?” playlist consisting of 16 classic game reviews has achieved a huge popularity, with videos going from 300K to 1M+ views.

Josh Strife Hayes’ analytical skills are top notch, the subjects of his videos are in fact meticulously explored from every point of view: storyline, gameplay, controls, graphics, soundtrack, and so on.


Platform: YouTube/Twitch

SuperButterBuns is a channel you must not miss in case you wanted to enjoy super hilarious gaming-based content.

This very popular channel is active on both YouTube and Twitch. On each platform, the channel focuses on a different type of content: on YouTube, you can find beginner guides to various games, and also retrospective, analysis videos; on Twitch, you can watch SuperButterBuns’ livestreams of video game playthroughs.

SuperButterBuns’ energy and explosive humor will no doubt make you subscribe to her channel in no time!


Platform: YouTube/Twitch

MandaloreGaming is one of the best gaming channels for those passionate about obscure niche games. The channel’s main focus consists in reviewing lesser known old games in detail, making it very similar to Josh Strife Plays.

But MandaloreGaming’s videos are shorter, thus those of you who don’t love spending too much time watching video game critique content will appreciate it. And despite their shortness, rest assured, because said videos are absolutely exhaustive and high quality.

On Twitch, meanwhile, you can watch and participate in MandaloreGaming’s playthrough livestreams.

Luke Stephens

Platform: YouTube/Twitch

And last but not least, Luke Stephens is a gaming-centered channel “committed to deep diving into the intricacies of the gaming industry”. On YouTube, the content creator offers a good selection of videos encompassing video game news, reviews, critiques, analyses and commentary.

While on Twitch, you’ll find mainly livestreams (regularly taking place multiple times a week) aimed at discussing the latest news concerning the gaming world.