If you want to grow your business with YouTube it is possible.

If you want to grow your business with YouTube it is possible.

By dayannastefanny

Many times, people tend to remember or learn things by using different types of learning (associative learning, meaningful learning, cooperative learning, emotional learning, observational learning, experiential learning, discovery learning, rote learning, collaborative learning) an image, music, colors or with numbers help a lot to make this possible and with the help of YouTube, it is much easier.

Is it necessary to use YouTube?

For a long time, YouTube has allowed the creation of dynamic videos and for this reason, it started to grow a lot, we can notice it because before there were not many ads on the platform, now if you look for a video such as funny cat videos it is possible to see up to 6 ads and often are repetitive this makes users keep in their memory parts of the video, the more a company appears in an ad more likely to be called and begin to grow, as well as open English does because it pays a lot so they can be in an ad.

In this case, it is good for the mini-companies that YouTube users do not have YouTube premium because in this case, YouTube premium are profits for YouTube because in this platform there are no ads and for this reason, it is paid.

YouTube Statistics

It is the second most used platform, this year 2022 is expected to increase in viewers by at least 210 million new users only in the USA and most YouTube users are men giving 53.9% and women account for 44%, which would be expected is that women begin to create content using this platform, as well as it has seen an increase of Youtubers in all countries.

How can the company be recognized?

It is important to consider these things first have more subscribers must take into account that many of the subscribers are obtained for free and the more you get more likely that YouTube algorithms make known to your company or business nationally and internationally, second have a channel Banner all to generate marketing downloads for free, third have videos which present the miniempresa give their offers if they sell, clarify that offer, ask those who see them to subscribe and continue watching your other videos, fourth organize your YouTube channel in order to make it much more interesting, place in playlists and place your content in order and most importantly name them in a creative way that draws attention to users, fifth generate loyalty to users so that they recommend your business and can continue to grow, sixth use the micro-moments to buy your items or know more about the company, last and not least share your videos on your other social networks or making use of voice to voice.

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