5 Neat Android Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

5 Neat Android Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

By IsraeliPanda

Android is an extraordinary minimal working framework. It’s totally loaded with extraordinary highlights, amazing hacks, and efficient stunts.

Be that as it may, what amount do you truly be aware of your telephone or tablet? Of course, you can settle on telephone decisions and send messages, however we bet there is something in this article that you didn’t know about.

Empower Developer Mode

Alright, this is one of the more commonly known stunts, yet it’s significant in any case, so we will incorporate it.

Explore to Settings > About telephone and tap on your telephone’s fabricate number multiple times. You’ll get an onscreen commencement, at last followed by a message saying “Congrats, you are presently a designer”.

Change the Animation Speed

Generally, the most recent Android telephones as of now feel exceptionally smart. Notwithstanding, some lower-end telephones just boat with 4GB of RAM, and in outrageous cases, simply 2GB.

One arrangement is to change your telephone’s Window liveliness scale, Transition activity scale, and Animator term scale from 1x to 0.5x. Without a doubt, it will not really make your telephone quicker, yet it will cause it to feel quicker.

Go to Settings > System > Developer choices and look around 66% of the way down the rundown to track down the vital choices (you’ll have to have first empowered Developer Mode).

Clear App Defaults

It’s irritating when a connection opens in a certain application as opposed to in the program. It very well may be a YouTube connect, a tweet, or a Facebook page — you’ll wind up sitting around idly while your telephone closes down Chrome (or your program of decision) and flames up something different.

Go to Settings > Apps and warnings and find the application that continues to open. When there, tap on Advanced, look down to Open as a matter of course, press it, and afterward select Clear Defaults.

Immediately Change Your Wi-Fi Network

Strangely, how to rapidly switch between Wi-Fi networks isn’t impossible to miss. Of course, you can go to Settings > Network and web > Wi-Fi and transform it there, however there must be a quicker way, correct?

Swipe down two times from the highest point of your screen to open the Quick settings menu, and on second thought of tapping on the Wi-Fi symbol (which cripples it), tap-and-hang on the symbol. You’ll quickly be given a rundown of the multitude of organizations in your area.

Immediately Access the Quick Settings Menu

Talking about the Quick settings menu, did you realize you don’t really have to twofold swipe to get to it?

All things considered; a synchronous two-finger swipe will make the similar end result.

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