7 Websites to Create the Best Logo Designs Online

7 Websites to Create the Best Logo Designs Online

Logo designing is a must when you are going to launch your business professionally. But when your editing skills aren’t great, making your own from scratch means you’ll have to spend more time on the design itself. When I want to create a logo, I usually need a very, very long time to edit a logo with Photoshop because I’m not very good at using software such as Corel or other too advanced design software. If your design skills are the same as mine, but you want to create an attractive brand logo design, here are 7 tools that you can use to create your business logo. 


DesignEvo is one of the software to create your business brand logo online for free and has more than 10,000+ templates to edit. The platform is easy to use and can help you change and customize your logo in a minute with just a few clicks. But if you’re the type who likes to design your own from scratch, you can also do that by choosing a layout, and elements in the form of symbols, fonts, and color palettes to make your brand logo more unique and original. Once done, you can download the logo for free, but this free version has a low resolution. 

This software will cost US$ 24.99 if you want a vector version that can be scaled (reduced or enlarged without breaking).


Designhill is a logo maker software that is easy to use and can make your logo look fantastic. Designhill is also one of the leading crowdsourcing platforms used by thousands of business owners, graphic designers and entrepreneurs to create their logos. In particular, Designhill also provides design solutions for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Zalo, QR codes, and many others. 

The platform will generate your logo with the information you provide, such as your company name and other facts about your company. After that, you can customize your logo with fonts, color palettes, and symbols. All steps of designing a logo are very easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Once done, you can download the logo by paying US$ 20 for a low-resolution design.


TailorBrands is an online logo generator that can help you create a professional business logo in minutes, without requiring you to have any design expertise. The platform’s AI algorithm will help you generate a logo based on the information you enter on the platform. After that, you just have to choose your design preferences. Voila! Your logo is ready!

With TailorBrands, you can effortlessly customize your professional logo by playing with font, color, size, and text options. Once you’re done with your logo design, you can simply download it in PNG and vector file formats, so you can start using the logo right away. 


BrandCrowd is a platform where you can design any brand logo you want, from logos for beauty products, real estate business logos, and much more. This platform offers a quick solution to generate your professionally designed logo, instantly. BrandCrowd also allows you to customize your logo for free and complete your logo with just a few clicks. You can also have a matching logo on your business cards, logos on images on your business social media, logos for banners and more. Everything is easy to customize with the suite of design editors on BrandCrowd.


Canva is one of the most powerful graphic design platforms today for creating every design, from posters to social media posts and even logos. Like many online logo generator, Canva requires information such as your company name and asks you to select several templates to design your logo. After that, you can use your creativity to play with color palettes, font types, logo shapes, icons and more.

The website offers a lot of free elements for you to play with. If you need more options, you can upgrade to the paid version to use their premium elements. Once done, you can download the logo in PNG or PDF format. The resolutions Canva offers with the free version might be enough for you, but if you need to go higher, you might consider their paid plans.


LogoMaker is a completely free online logo design website that allows you to create multiple logos with just a few clicks. The suggested designs are all suitable for the name you entered; especially you can use it for any product.

The website regularly updates many new templates and provides you with thousands of different logo templates such as company logos, game logos, restaurant logos, schools, sports, tools or maybe cool text logos. From there, you can create your own logo that is suitable and outstanding. LogoMaker has many logo templates in the library for you to choose from. Its advantage is that it uses many different fonts so there is no font error.


Logotypemaker is a free online logo design website, with more than 200 fonts, 1000 professional templates and more than 600,000 vector images for you to freely choose and create a difference between logos. Especially, it supports unlimited editing of colors and fonts at any time. In addition, the site also allows designers to download images in SVG format.

LogotypeMaker allows you to create a permanent logo design and publish your design at a pixel density of 300DPI (as JPG or PNG file format). However, the free version still has limited some functions. If you want to experience more advanced tools, you can spend about US $25 – $40 to buy the package.

Those are some selected software that you can use to create your business brand logo easily, quickly and maybe for free. If you are serious about building your brand or trademark, choosing a logo is very important. Hope the article will be helpful to you. Having fun!

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