Adapt to any age with the Google TV kids’ profiles

Adapt to any age with the Google TV kids’ profiles

By julianapardogonzalez

The last year in March, Google apply the feature “Kid profile” in many apps and devices that they manage. Such as Google TV, YouTube, Google Play, etc. The main idea of this feature is to split the adult content from the children’s content. To take account of this, they take advantage to develop more tools that can make the experience more personalize for the kids and their family members.  

Here are some of the functions that were launched at that moment: 

  • Add and manage apps: 

    The idea of this tool, is that you can administrate all the apps that are in the kids’ profile on Google TV, even block, unblock or download apps. 

  • Content restrictions:

    To restrict what movies and shows your child finds in their kids’ profile. 

  • Manage watchlist:

    Add or remove movies and shows to your child’s watchlist 

  • Monitor app activity:

    You can monitor your child’s app activity with Family Link. 

  • Parental controls on profile:

    You can also add a profile lock on Google TV. 

  • Use the Google Play Family Library:

    You can give your child access to shared content in the Family Library.  

  • Set a bedtime and daily limits:

    With this feature, you can choose a bedtime and daily time limit for your child on Google TV. But you can only set these limits on Google TV and cannot set them through Family Link. 

Knowing all this, the last week of October, Google made an update in the “Kids profiles.” Because the company understand that the profile will be in continues change as the kid get older. These are the 3 new features: 

Parent-managed watchlist 

The difference between Manage watchlist and this one is that now as a parent you can create a watchlist from your own profile, but that appear on the kid profile. Just click on the movie or show, press the watch list button, and select your kids profile watch list. 

Google-powered recommendations 

Is usual when your kids and their favorite show or movie, they do not know what else to watch and is at that moment when Google-powered recommendations works well finding new things to watch just got easier. Even they have added a new “hide” button, which allows you to hide a title from the Popular movies or Popular TV shows rows you are not interested in. Just press and hold the Select button on the remote and select “hide.” 

Choose how your family watches YouTube 

If you have older kids in your home that are ready to move on from apps like YouTube Kids. Now supports a supervised experience on YouTube, so they can start exploring more of what YouTube has to offer with their Google TV kids profile. For example, this experience comes with content settings for pre-teens and older, adjusts the features your child can use, and lets you block and manage additional controls through the YouTube mobile app. 

I wish this article will be functional for you. That you understand what it is for, how to use it and from now on you can employ it every time you have the opportunity.


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