Amazon Luna games, pricing, features 2022 for Amazon Prime

Amazon Luna games, pricing, features 2022 for Amazon Prime

By ceciliascalzo

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Amazon Luna is now available to everyone in the united states furthermore it also has new features. This was stated by Amazon, which after the launch in early access, said that it is now available for everyone in the US states. As I mentioned before, now Amazon Luna has more features in fact it has extended to more devices. So now he also covers the devices Windows, macOS, Chromebook, iOS (exclusively via the web), Fire TV devices and Android devices, including Fire tablets. Having said that, practically now Amazon Luna is accessible to anyone who wants to try it and also with more features.

However, remember that there are some more advantages for Amazon Prime members. Now let’s see specifically the new channels and prices of Amazon Luna. One of the first new channels we are going to see is Gaming Channel, which allows you to access the games without any kind of additional cost if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, that’s why I was telling you about the advantages of being a Prime subscriber. Obviously the selection of games is not always the same and changes according to the period. At the moment it is available with games that include Devil May Cry 5, Observer, System Redux, PHOGS and Flashback. During the period that goes from  8th to 14th March also Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising. Anyway this channel isn’t the only one joining Amazon Luna. Let’s see for example the other two. The first one is called Retro Channel, that allows you to access to Street Fighter II Turbo, Hyper Fighting, Metal Slug 3 and Castlevania Anniversary Collection. The second one channel is Jackbox Games Channel which gives you the access to all eight Jackpot Party Packs, each of which contains several different games that you can play together with many people at a party. Unfortunately none of these channels are free, indeed each of them has its own monthly subscription which costs $ 4.99. Other channels joining Luna + are Ubisoft + and Family Channels and these also have their own subscription. Please note however that for those who register before March 31st they will have a discount on the price that will remain so forever unless they decide to cancel the subscription. So if you sign up after March 31st you will not be entitled to the discount and the subscription prices will increase.

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