Amazon Prime Gaming: Free Games for August 2023

Amazon Prime Gaming: Free Games for August 2023

By auroraoddi

July offered a fruitful Amazon Prime Day 2023 for all subscribers. August also promises to be full of surprises for Amazon customers. Thanks to Amazon Prime Gaming, they have the opportunity to obtain free games, services, and bonus packs for various titles in the catalog.

Amazon Prime Gaming August 2023, Surprise for Call of Duty Fans

Prime Gaming subscribers will receive a very special gift for August 2023. In fact, the World Series of Warzone is scheduled for September 16th. During this event, Call of Duty fans can redeem the World Series of Warzone Rat Pack for Call of Duty: Warzone. The offer will be available until August 24th. Prime Gaming is one of the main sponsors of the World Series of Warzone.

Throughout August, the most passionate players from North America and Europe will start competing to qualify for the international LAN finals on September 16th. This event will take place in London and will see the best players from the region compete. The challenge will involve the top 50 trios in the world, battling it out for a prize of $600,000.

The World Series of Warzone Rat Pack for Call of Duty: Warzone includes the following content:

  • Cheesy – Reyes Operator Skin
  • Spicy Meatballs – Raal MG LMG Weapon Blueprint
  • Cheesin’ – Vel 46 SMG Weapon Blueprint
  • You’re a Rat – Sticker
  • Fit for a Ghost – Calling Card
  • Rat Pack – Loading Screen
  • Gotcha – Emblem
  • 1 hour of double XP
  • 1 hour of double weapon XP

How to claim rewards and extras with Prime Gaming

Here are the free games from Amazon Prime Gaming for August 2023

The Amazon Prime Gaming catalog for August offers 9 free games. Availability starts from August 3rd. The games included in the catalog allow fans to fight, fly, and experience breathtaking adventures. Every Thursday, free games are available with Prime on

Payday 2 and The Gage Mod Courier DLC

The Amazon Prime Gaming catalog offers begin on August 3rd with a double offer. On one hand, Payday 2, a cooperative action shooter game involving up to 4 players, inserted into the Payday gang.

Players will take on the roles of Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains, engaging in various heists in Washington. Additionally, Prime Day subscribers can also obtain the Gage Mod Courier DLC, which offers 28 new weapon modifications and 10 very exciting and competitive objectives.

Farming Simulator 19

The Epic Games Store offers a new chapter of its game, Farming Simulator 19. Available on Prime Gaming starting from August 10th, enthusiasts can run their own farm and have unique experiences in the landscapes of Europe and America.

Blade Assault

August 10th will also see the release of Blade Assault, a 2D Rogue-lite game. In this case, players will fight against the corrupt rule of Esperanza to bring justice to triumph.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

On August 17th, Amazon Prime Gaming will offer the second installment of the Star Wars saga, The Force Unleashed 2. Throughout the game, fans will embody Starkiller, engaged in the pursuit of Juno, while Darth Vader simultaneously tries to capture him.


On August 17th, Amazon Prime Gaming will release Foretales, a narrative card game. It offers various gameplay styles, different contexts, and players who can save or destroy the world.

Driftland: The Magic Revival

Once again, on August 17th, Driftland: The Magic Revival will be available. Players will embody a wizard who will revive Driftland.

In Sound Mind

On August 24th, Amazon Prime Gaming offers fans a first-person horror game, In Sound Mind. Participants will need to solve puzzles and battle different enemies in a fearful atmosphere.

Summertime Madness

Finally, starting from August 31st, Summertime Madness will be available on Amazon Prime Gaming. In this game, participants will play the role of an artist who made deals with the devil. As a result, they are trapped in one of his paintings and must find a strategy to return to the real world. Otherwise, they will remain trapped forever in the frame.

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