How to Become a Famous Twitch Streamer – The Ultimate Guide 2023

How to Become a Famous Twitch Streamer – The Ultimate Guide 2023

By auroraoddi

Twitch is the live streaming platform, owned by Amazon, dedicated to games, entertainment, sports, and music. Because of this extreme flexibility of content, in fact, it has been particularly popular with users such as gamers who entertain online audiences by broadcasting to the community the game they decide to play.

Moreover, one of the main reasons that Twitch is able to entertain any kind of audience effectively and over time is the possibility of becoming a partner or affiliate of the platform.

Having made the decision to start getting known, and having a good broadcast and regular presence available at all times, first, it is important to identify the field in which to start engaging with the opportunity to achieve, at best, even a part-time commitment.

How to Become a Partner

Here you will find useful information about joining the Twitch partner program. A potential Twitch partner must present, clearly, certain requirements found through the physiognomy from the channel and taking into consideration, especially, three areas such as:

  • Content-related applications;
  • Average number of simultaneous viewers;
  • Frequency of streaming and scheduling.

It is, essentially, a search aimed at recruiting people who have good entertainment skills in streaming and who, therefore, are followed by many people thanks to the publication of compelling content that always finds a way to get noticed.

These are people who are going to represent the brand while turning out to be active and participatory members of the community itself, adhering to the terms of use of the Service, the community guidelines, and to our DMCA Guidelines.

In this atmosphere, then, the type of content plays a key role in bringing viewers to the channel: the purpose, in fact, is precisely to grow the audience to the improvement of entertainment skills.

On this premise, therefore, it is important to achieve a stable audience regularity rather than to reach peaks of viewers once or twice in isolation, this is possible through audience engagement and interaction with the audience: generally, therefore, one goes in search of broadcasters who have a regular schedule of at least three days a week, this assumes that the channel fully and consistently meets the needs of the audience.

Submitting, therefore, an application to start and become a partner on Twitch does not entail having a specific average number of viewers: having said that, the key thing is the result of your Twitch streams. To check the success of the platform, it is important to consider the average number of simultaneous viewers, and in this regard, you will have the opportunity to monitor the statistics in the Channel Analytics tab of the revenue dashboard.

Differences Between Partner and Affiliate

It is important to consider how Twitch is a streaming platform divided into categories: the first step, in fact, is to become a streamer. In this first step, therefore, you stream or watch other streams. At this point, you can differentiate the next two categories present, namely, partner and affiliate.

Unlike affiliates, then, which are automatically sent when they meet the relevant requirements, to participate in Twitch’s partner program you must, on the contrary, make your own application. Find more information on how to participate in Twitch’s affiliate program here.

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What to Watch on Twitch

Twitch is an online streaming platform that allows users to stream their content live, each year seeing exponential growth in users and content. Twitch has become one of the most popular streaming sites in the world, with a wide range of content available to users from popular streamers.

Anyone can become a streamer on Twitch, as long as they comply with the platform’s rules and requirements. Streamers can broadcast live video games, sporting events, concerts, podcasts, talk shows, and more.

The platform also offers a wide range of tools to help streamers create high-quality content, such as the ability to create custom overlays, use special effects, and interact with the audience through chats and polls.

Twitch offers a wide range of content for users, including games, sporting events, concerts and talk shows. Users can watch their favorite streamers play their favorite games, participate in game tournaments, watch live sporting events, and more.

Educational content such as game tutorials and music lessons are available on Twitch. In addition, users can interact with streamers through chat, vote in polls, and participate in interactive games. In summary, Twitch is an online streaming platform that offers users a wide range of content to watch and streamers the ability to create high-quality content and interact with audiences through chat and polls.

The platform is open to anyone who complies with the platform’s rules and requirements and offers a wide range of tools to help streamers create high-quality content. If you are a fan of video games, sporting events, concerts or talk shows, Twitch is definitely the right platform for you.

Managing Display Bots and Fake Engagement

Twitch takes the wellbeing of the community very seriously, always monitoring fake views, fake activity, and the number of followers while making sure to regularly collect information about users who rely on such bots (i.e., a program that accesses the network through the same type of channels that users use).

In this way, dummy interactions go to artificially inflate channel statistics, such as views or the number of followers, through the coordination of third-party tools. Find information on how Twitch takes the problem of dummy view bots seriously here.

Generally, viewing bots, are created with the intent to artificially inflate live views through illegitimate tools that falsify the number of viewers’ attendance on the channel in question. In addition, viewer-bots have the ability to limit what might be interactions between streamers and viewers.

The follower-bots follow, essentially, the channel with numerous fake accounts controlled, in turn, by a computer or program: the goal, is to appear as “real” as possible by following en masse the account that has been chosen as the target.

Attacks by follower-bots, as a result, limit the opportunities for growth of honest issuers, going to cause damage to the entire community by going to the detriment of its growth. To manage this phenomenon within the platform, Twitch does not punish users for the actions of others, but allows them to report what has happened: clearly, bots on Twitch, does not turn out to be an accepted practice by the platform.

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How to Stream on Twitch

The first step to stream on Twitch is, of course, to create an account through this link. Streaming on Twitch means broadcasting your business or video content live on Twitch, an online game and content streaming platform.

Twitch users can watch other users’ broadcasts live, interact with them via chat, and donate money or subscribe to support their work. In addition, streamers can earn money through advertisements, sponsorships and user donations. Click here to stream on Twitch: you are about to enter live mode!

How Much Money Can you Make on Twitch?

Twitch, offers streamers the opportunity to earn money through several mechanisms. You earn money on Twitch through the partners program. In order to start monetizing your presence on Twitch, you need to meet some basic requirements.

First, it is essential to have achieved affiliate or partner status, which can be obtained by reaching a certain number of followers and regular streams, as explained above. Once past this stage, streamers can benefit from earnings from subscriptions, known as “subscriptions.”

Subscriptions allow any person to subscribe to a streamer’s channel, enjoying exclusive benefits such as personalized emoticons and special badges. Typically, the streamer earns 50 percent of the subscription cost, with the remaining percentage being retained directly by Twitch.

This mechanism creates an incentive for streamers to create quality content and maintain a close relationship with their community in order to increase the number of subscribers and consequently their earnings.

Subscribing to a channel on Twitch offers a number of exclusive benefits for those who choose to support it. Among these benefits, users who subscribe to your channel will receive a chat subscriber crest, which will automatically be displayed next to their name in your channel chat. This subscriber crest represents a sign of recognition and gratitude for their support.

In addition, as subscribers accumulate subscriber time on your channel (3 months, 6 months, etc.), they will reach milestones that you can personalize with other emblems to thank them for their support. These milestones can include special badges that signal the achievement of certain levels of loyalty and support. In this way, subscribers will feel even more appreciated and involved within your community.

For your first subscribers, an even more special crest is provided: the Founder crest. This badge is reserved for the first 10 Prime or paid subscribers for affiliate channels and the first 25 for partner channels. The Founder badge is a way to honor and recognize those who have supported your channel from the beginning.

All of these elements help create a deeper connection between subscribers and the streamer, fostering a sense of belonging and gratitude within the Twitch community. Subscriptions are available as monthly recurring products and can be purchased using a variety of payment methods.

These include credit card, Twitch Gift Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and other local payment options such as Paysafecard through Xsolla. The availability of payment methods may vary depending on the geographical area you are in.

Different Levels on Twitch

Once you select the channel you wish to subscribe to, you will have the option to use your Prime subscription or choose a subscription level (Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3) (find out how to subscribe to Twitch). Once you select a level, you will be shown the available payment methods. Choose the payment method you prefer to use to purchase your subscription and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Now, let’s look at the differences between the various subscription levels.

A Level 1 subscription has an approximate price of $4.99 on the Web. Purchasing a Level 2 or 3 subscription offers benefits to both you and the channel you subscribe to. Channels offer additional benefits specific to Level 2 and 3 subscriptions, which are listed in the “Higher Levels” section during subscription purchase.

For example, Level 2 and 3 subscriptions offer access to additional emoticons, provided the channel has added them. At Levels 2 and 3, all partners have 5 additional emoticon slots available, while affiliates have 1. In addition, if a channel has enabled crest decorations, Level 2 and 3 subscribers will receive a special decoration superimposed on their subscriber crest.

You can preview these decorations in the summary of Level 2 or 3 subscription benefits. In addition, subscribing to a partner channel will give you access to emoticon modifiers, if the channel has them enabled. Modifiers allow you to add fun effects to emoticons, such as horizontal inversion or adding sunglasses.

Modifiers are chosen by the channel, and you can see the available modifiers by hovering your mouse cursor over an emoticon in the emoticon selector. In addition, Twitch also offers the option to subscribe for a period of several months. The default subscription is monthly and you will receive monthly charges to continue supporting the streamer. However, you can select subscriptions with different periodicity, such as every 3 or 6 months, depending on your options.

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How to Increase Viewers on Twitch

Making connections or alliances with other famous streamers could be, perhaps, one of the most useful tips for you to succeed in increasing viewers on Twitch: here, your main goal must be to build a following. To accomplish this, there are some great tricks that might be right for you:

  • First, identify your audience (try to understand your audience’s interests);
  • Study the competition ( another trick to succeed in climbing the top of views on Twitch is to give a good impression to potential viewers and try to understand what streamers in the same niche as you are doing);
  • Avoid broadcasting during peak hours (in fact, contrary to what you might think, there is fierce competition on the platform during popular times);
  • Choose the game that suits you best, so as to highlight your gamer prowess while perhaps avoiding choosing a very popular game;
  • Strive, also, for high production value (try to keep your commitment on the platform constant and pay attention to updating equipment);
  • Add a camera (it is important, if you want to grow on the platform, to build a trusting relationship with your audience: most users, in fact, want to connect directly with the live streamer or gamer. Here, adding a webcam or a high-end camera will make your channel much more professional);
  • Use overlays (in this way, you will make the look of your streams much more attractive and it will be much easier for your audience to discover you on the platform);
  • Pay attention to audio quality (during your live streams, the viewers in attendance need good audio quality to, in turn, have a good experience on your channel);
  • Harness the power of social media (social media is a powerful tool for reaching a very large audience on Twitch);
  • You can choose to enhance your stream by inserting music (choose the segment within which you prefer to insert it and make your live show exciting. Don’t forget to check copyrights);
  • Engage your audience (talking directly to people who have come across your channel might encourage them to come back);
  • Use notifications to increase views of your streams( by enabling notifications, you will alert your followers when you are about to go live);
  • Expand your Twitch presence through podcasts (this way, you can take an extra step to advance the promotion of your channel by talking about related topics in each episode);
  • Participate in tournaments (if you are a good player, sign up for a tournament and get your name out there);
  • Use multistreaming (this way you will reach an even larger audience and can slowly frame them).

Once you follow these steps you can enjoy broadcasting your content on Twitch. All that’s left is for us to wish you lots of fun!

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