Twitch CEO is Stepping Down

Twitch CEO is Stepping Down

By eduardogaitancortez

The co-founder of the live video streaming platform Twitch, Emmett Shear, has stepped down as chief executive officer. After well over 16 years with the platform.


This was reported through the official report published on the blog. He wrote:

“With my first child just born, I have been reflecting on my future with Twitch. Twitch constantly feels like a child that I have also been raising. And while I will always want to be there if Twitch needs me, at 16 I feel like Twitch is ready to move on and venture out alone”

he wrote.

The reason for his resignation, according to the publication, is because he wants to be “fully available to his son as he enters this world”, and because he feels ready to face “new challenges”. He also wrote that, on his site, the president Provide Clancy, who has been on the platform since 2019, will assume the position as executive director.

“Dan Clancy, our present president, has been a close associate to me in recent years. He will fully assume the role of CEO, with immediate impact. He cares deeply about the Twitch community, its streamers and our staff, and understands what makes Twitch”

Only in 2022, Twitch reached 21,000 million visits and lost 788 million hours transmitted. Where according to the Twitch Recap 2022, one of the labels that has been most distinguished has been LGBTQIAplus.


Another of the numbers that stood out were the 48,000 million chat messages that were sent throughout the year, in addition to the million unique labels that were modified. However, while Twitch has seen online celebrities like Tyler “Ninja” earn millions of dollars from playing and chatting with fans, it has come under fire in recent months. This is for underestimating the percentage of money its top streamers could make from subscriptions. These previously amounted to as much as 70 percent of revenue from fans’ subscriptions to their channels.

Shear’s departure as executive director of Twitch comes after a turbulent year. Especially in relation to the relationship with the most relevant streamers from around the world. Let’s remember that the service applied modifications to the distribution of profits from subscriptions that have not been well received by content creators.

Although some of the most relevant names in the place have been able to get rid of the exceptionality clause that prevents them from broadcasting in rival proposals. With his resignation, Emmett Shear is the second great director in the entire video world to put an end to his tasks in 2023. Last February, Susan Wojcicki had announced her departure from YouTube, after serving as CEO for 9 years. However, the portal began to change shortly after with the integration of original content from various categories. One of the most famous sections has been the one dedicated to the game, which later became independent as TwitchTV.


Although remained active until 2014, the platform’s focus immediately turned to Twitch. Which didn’t take long to garner enormous attention from both users and potential consumers. In this way it has been like in 2014, Amazon entered the scene and acquired the company in exchange for almost 1,000 million dollars. Emmett Shear was retained as CEO, and the live streaming service continued to operate largely independent of the parent company. In any case, the company’s seal stamped by Jeff Bezos was not slow to become visible, especially with the benefits for Amazon Prime subscribers.

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