Twitch CEO Emmett Shear is Resigning

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear is Resigning

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Through the official Twitch blog, Emmett Shear, made his instant resignation as CEO of the company known. He has been one of the co-founders of, predecessor of the successful streaming platform that is now part of Amazon. Emmett Shear, one of the co-founders of Twitch, announced his resignation as CEO of the company. The news was made known through a farewell note that the executive himself published on the official blog of the streaming platform that is part of Amazon. His replacement will be Providen Clancy, who joined the company in 2019 as president.

Emmett Shear

According to Shear, his choice to step away as CEO of Twitch responds to wanting to spend more time with his family. The 40-year-old manager was a father for the first time and intends to focus his efforts on raising his baby.

“I want to be fully there for my son as he enters this planet and I feel ready for this change to face new challenges”

he said.

While Emmet Shear’s resignation as Twitch CEO is of immediate impact, he will remain attached to the platform in an advisory role. Regarding Clancy, who will assume his role starting today, he stated that he is the most prepared to take the reins of the company.

“I have never been more confident in Twitch’s leadership, in all of our people, and in our product, than I am today. For several years, I actually felt like Twitch could perish if it didn’t have my guidance and input. However, at the moment I do not believe that this is the case. I think that, by the way, it is exactly that increase that allowed me to even take into account the idea of ​​not working on Twitch for the moment.”

Although Twitch emerged as such around 2011, its beginnings date back to 2007 under a different name: This video platform has been co-founded by Emmett Shear himself along with Kyle Vogt, Michael Seibel and Justin Kan. By the way, the name of the service was directly related to the latter, since the original task of the place was to broadcast its story live, every day, all week.


However, the portal began to change shortly after with the integration of original content from various categories. One of the most famous sections has been the one dedicated to the game, which later became independent as TwitchTV. Although remained active until 2014, the platform’s focus quickly shifted to Twitch. Which did not take long to garner enormous attention from users and potential consumers. In this way, it was as if in 2014 Amazon entered the scene and acquired the company in exchange for nearly $1,000 million.

Emmett Shear was retained as chief executive officer. The live streaming service has continued to operate largely without depending on the parent company. In any case, the seal of the company founded by Jeff Bezos was not slow to become visible. Especially with the benefits for Amazon Prime subscribers. Shear’s departure as Twitch’s executive director comes after a turbulent year. Especially after in relation to the relationship with top streamers around the world.


Recall that the service has applied changes to the distribution of subscription profits. These have not been well received by content creators. Although some of the most prominent names in the place have managed to get rid of the exceptionality clause that prevents them from broadcasting in rival proposals. With his resignation, Emmett Shear is the second major director in the entire video world to end his duties in 2023. Last February, Susan Wojcicki had announced her departure from YouTube after serving as CEO for 9 years.

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