Is Your Wii U Dying of Loneliness?

Is Your Wii U Dying of Loneliness?

By eduardogaitancortez

Owners of the Nintendo Wii U console have reported on various online forums that their devices have become unusable and break on their own after sitting unused for several years. Such memory corruption issues descend on consoles that weren’t hacked or modded in any way, and while their effective history is drawing to a close, such glitches are far too early.

According to a NeoGAF thread from client “Cireza”, not using the console for longer periods can lead to it becoming completely corrupted. In other words: it becomes unusable thanks to persistent memory system errors. Cireza confirms that a friend’s Wii U stopped working once he tried to use it after keeping it in storage for several years.

To be clear, the console has not been hacked or modified in any way. Memory error 160-0103 arises on the Gamepad, which is known as a death sentence for the console by recent users. We are talking about a NAND corruption problem, which means that the Wii U is “bricked”.

What is the error

Attempts to factory reset the console would also not resolve the issue. A NAND stability replica could rescue the console, however it could be quite a difficult process without any kind of official support. We are not talking about a separate case, and there are similar reports in various forums, such as Reddit.

NAND corruption and memory errors previously remain to occur at a fairly high frequency for recent users. Reddit client John25601600’s Wii U also suffered a similar fate, ending up completely “bricked” after not being used for well over 5 years. My Wii U has been sitting unused for well over 5 years.


“5 years. I decided to use it the other day but when I turn it on I get a black screen with an error code 160-0103, indicating a memory system failure”

– John25601600, on Reddit.

As mentioned before, it is impossible to fix the problem unless NAND stability mirroring has been done beforehand. So far, no one has managed to bring their Wii U back to life after this failure. These self-breaking Wii U have not undergone modifications, which indicates that they do not have any type of interaction.

Nintendo has not yet ruled on this matter, however if your Wii U has suffered from this problem, we suggest that you contact Nintendo technical support to find a viable solution. Nintendo does not want to repeat with its new home platform, Wii U, the mistakes it made at the time with its latest handheld, Nintendo 3DS.

Summing up

It is not the first time that it has been reported. For this reason, the company intends, on the one hand, to offer a huge list of titles at the time of its launch, as well as to do it at the most affordable price possible, for which, in this sense, it will have its back covered.

However, you can commit them as you did with your previous home console: Wii. An error that is none other than its short validity as a leading console. Specifically, the new Nintendo console will be obsolete two or 3 years after its launch. In this way, at least, we consider it a sector of the industry if we provide the anonymous source, corresponding to it and familiar with the properties of the new console.

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