Microsoft is testing file recommendations in Explorer

Microsoft is testing file recommendations in Explorer

By eduardogaitancortez

Microsoft has renewed the Windows Insider program and now we have a new channel called Canary. In this one we will have new properties that will be tested in a rather unbalanced state. One of the most interesting properties is the integration of recommendations based on Azure Active Directory files. Windows Insider Accessories is highlighting a system that offers files you might want to open in File Explorer. The functionality is aimed at business users and only shows files in the cloud that you own or that were shared with you. The functionality is at a fairly early stage and is only available to certain Insiders. Microsoft is beginning to test a system called File Suggestions in File Explorer, which does exactly what the name suggests: Once you visit the home tab, it brings up specific files that you might want to open at the top.


In a blog post, the company states that today’s build is only available to certain Insiders on its Dev channel who have installed the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23403 update and only works if signed in with an Azure Active account. Directory (which means that currently, this feature feels squarely aimed at business users). Perhaps in the future that use will be extended to users who use OneDrive or other cloud storage. At the moment, only business users who have their device in Active Directory will be able to enjoy this functionality. The functionalities based on artificial intelligence are still to come and this may be one of the beneficiaries. After the changes made in the Windows Insider program, the first build of the 23000 series arrives at the Dev channel. Precisely, we will talk about Windows 11 Build 23403.

Build 23403

However, before getting down to business, there are some things that we must take into account . If you were on Build 25309 and had not switched to the Canary Channel, you will not receive this build as it is lower than the version you are using. However, Microsoft is still doing work on the migration and you will receive the latest Canary channel build available. Another choice is to do a clean install of Windows 11 and join the Dev Channel again. Insiders on the Release Preview and Beta channels have the ability to navigate to the Dev channel to receive Build 23403 without any issues. Live subtitles reach more languages Live captions help the entire world and individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to read live captions in their native language.


The first version of live captions in the Windows 11 2022 Update offered English captions, with a particular focus on English (United States). In this version, live subtitles also offer subtitles in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, and other English dialects. They will add more languages ​​as they become accessible. To get started, live captions can be activated with the keyboard shortcut WIN + Ctrl + L, or from the accessibility dropdown menu in quick settings. Once activated for the first time, live captions require downloading of the primary speech recognition support to activate captions on the device. If speech recognition support isn’t available in your beloved Windows language or if you want it to be supported in other languages, you’ll have the ability to turn down speech recognition support for live subtitles in Settings; Time and language. > Language and area.

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