7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling on Amazon


No matter whether you planning to start selling on Amazon or are you already selling on this huge eCommerce platform, there are certain things you need to avoid. Not avoiding these mistakes will lead to a reduction in sales or it can even get your seller account suspended.

If you want to build a business in a minimum possible cost, no business is great than an online business. You can start an online business with minimum capital and the great thing is your selling activity is not limited to a particular region or location. Anyone around the world can see your store and make a purchase from you.

If you are new to Amazon selling or already a seller, then you should avoid making the following mistakes:

1. Creating Multiple Seller Accounts

Many newbies, as well as existing Amazon sellers, make this mistake. Sellers often think having more than one account will help them get more sales, but in reality, creating more than one Amazon seller account is just a violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service. If you do so, Amazon has the right to suspend your both Seller account.

2. Running Out of Inventory

Now, this one does not lead to getting your account suspended. Making this mistake impacts you on sales. To build the trust factor and gain more reviews on your listed product, it is essential to have your products in stock. Making this mistake don’t just lose your sales, but it also affects the interest of your audience in you. As you run out of stock, your audience is likely to shift to another seller which is more dependable. The best to avoid this mistake is by using good inventory management software.

3. Applying eBay or any other platform’s rules on Amazon

People selling their products on multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. make this mistake. You have to understand that you can’t apply the same rules of eBay or Flipkart on Amazon. Though there are so many similarities among different eCommerce selling platforms, not all of them will have the same set of rules for every aspect.

4. Picking an Over-saturated Niche

Your goal to start Amazon selling is to gain more & more sales and make a huge profit, right? Making a great amount of profit can be difficult when you have selected an over-saturated niche. Before getting started with Amazon selling, you need to spend a great amount of time doing research. Doing thorough research will help you know which niche is in boom and which one is over-saturated. The problem with an over-saturated niche is you will be competing with a great number of sellers. So take your time, do your research, and find a profitable niche.

5. Not Paying Attention to Customer Service

Another major mistake sellers often make is not paying enough attention to customer service. Many researchers have found that most customers give more importance to customer service than the product’s price. If you are unable to handle the shipping and other procedures for orders you are getting, the best thing you can do is opt for Amazon FBA. With Amazon FBA, you do not have to stress about shipping or delivering the items.

6. Overly Priced Shipping

Customers also don’t like it when they have to pay a pretty high amount for just shipping. This is one of the major factors that affect the buying decision of customers. It is found that more than 80% of people shop online don’t take action to buy the product when they see the product has high shipping costs. Not considering this factor can seriously impact your sales. Again, if you are facing issues managing the shipping price, you can opt for Amazon FBA. Sometimes, you pay less shipping costs through Amazon FBA than self-shipping.

7. Asking for Customer Reviews

You want to increase the total number of reviews on your products, right? But, asking for reviews is not the way to do that. The major mistake Amazon sellers often make is asking their customers, friends, families, and relatives to leave reviews. Do you know this is just against the policies of Amazon? Amazon don’t want customers to get influenced by sellers in any manner, so it is not allowed to ask for reviews.


So these are the seven major mistakes to avoid when selling on Amazon. Amazon is a huge eCommerce marketplace, where you will find almost everything.

If you are planning to start selling on this eCommerce marketplace, make sure you don’t make any mistakes throughout the process and understand selling policies.