Android features that are missing on iPhone and iOS

Android features that are missing on iPhone and iOS

By julianapardogonzalez

When you want to change your mobile device, you start to search which model is better and even which mark adjusts better according to your necessities. And the principal options are Apple and Android, but every time is more difficult to know which one accommodates you.

So, today we are going to show you 7 android features that Apple users can not have on their smartphones.

  • Change the default apps: You can use any third-party- app to change default apps. For example, voice assistant, messaging, etc. For alternatives more enjoyable and functional. Even can use third-party- apps to open links directly, rather than being opened in a browser. 
  • Multiple copies of the same app: On Android devices, it is available to create clones of certain apps and then use them under different accounts, even in apps that do not possibly support this function.  
  • Install applications downloaded from the internet and use third-party stores: Leaving out the legal battle of Apple with Epic Games about this topic. Android has the option to use sideloading, which is the practice of installing apps through files not coming from the official app store. 
  • Create new users and guest accounts: Meanwhile, Apple has completely ignored over the years the multiuser mode, for Android users is a blessing. The idea of sharing your device but not your personal account helps you to maintain your privacy if a guest or your kids use your phone or tablet. Even you can have separate passwords, data, and applications. 
  • Access internal memory via USB cable: With Android, when you connect the USB to the PC can access all the internal memory of the mobile, so it is easy to share and save information between a smartphone and a desktop. On the other hand, Apple only allows you to see the video and photo data. 
  • Customize every aspect of your smartphone: Only with the upgrade of iOS14, did Apple users know what it was like to customize widgets and drawers on the home screen. Meanwhile, Android users offer the option of changing icon packs to using different launchers. 

The Google Play Store offers numerous third-party icon packs, and some mobiles even have a pre-installed Themes app that allows you to change the look of the entire system. 

iOS 16 will reduce the gap thanks to the ability to customize the lock screen, but the feature is still not accessible to the majority of users.

  • Always-on Display: The common with all the Android devices is the function that allows you to check specific information without having to turn on the entire screen. Such as weather, battery percentage, or notifications and is called Always on display AOD.  

The information that appear can be customized to show you date, time, music playing, notifications, alerts. This feature saves battery for smartphones with OLED displays. 

Thing that is different with Apple because does not have his function or third-party application.

So, be confident and tell me if this help you to choose your new mobile.


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