Apple is thinking of VRglobe to control its headsets

Apple is thinking of VRglobe to control its headsets

By julianapardogonzalez

As usual in my articles and as a personal brand, I want first to talk a little bit about what it is, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). So you can understand how amazing the following information about Apple can be. 

We can say that AR is the term used to describe the set of technological resources that allow us to visualize and have interactive experiences as part of the real world through a technological device with graphical information. And VR is an environment of simulated scenes and objects of real looking (generated by computer technology) which creates in the user the sensation of being immersed in it. 

As times go by, annual rumors about apple AR and VR products became a habit. In the past, the conclusion about these rumors was that in the future will be possible for the existence of something called Apple Glasses, a product that makes you try virtual and augmented reality. As it is not possible to have it all in one device, so, will be Apple Glasses and a VR viewer

At the moment, the actual rumor that we have and is a complement of the other rumors is that the first to be realized on the market should be the VR viewer. And will be presented at the beginning of 2023 so, we could say, is very close to us.  

What we could gather is that Apple is working hard on several aspects of the headset even the system, due to a result of emerged more rumors, this time thanks to the portal Patently Apple.  

Patently Apple, comments that the portal find a new patent that describes a new control system designed for VR and AR devices. As a solution, Apple created VR gloves able to trace the positioning of the hands and fingers in order to transform into gestures that can be used as an input system. 

It is obvious that Apple is not going to create a real pair of gloves, maybe could be two bracelets with sensors that simulate it. For example, which determined the position of the hands in space and establish contact between them. Meanwhile, the system for the viewer will include a camera and sensors to improve the accuracy of the detection of the hands, especially, the fingers. 

In a conclusion, we can say the Apple Glasses and the VR Viewer definitely will need accessories during their use, in order to interact with the interface through simple movements.


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