Apps you should use to plan your activities

Apps you should use to plan your activities

By dayannastefanny

The best task apps for your cell phone

Task Manager is a great tool that can be useful when used correctly. A place to store information to clear your thoughts and be able to organize them well. However, not all applications work, and not all work the same way. We are the most popular ones to choose the best of them all.

  • Microsoft To Do

As a to-do app, there are several. The main one is its simplicity and neat interface that allows anyone to organize a series of to-do lists in different areas and with their respective subtasks if required. The learning curve of To-Do is minimal, making it ideal for anyone starting in the world of to-do apps and personal organization.

  • Google Keep

is part of the Android app, and it also one is part of the Android app and has some limitations for professional team collaboration. When you open a new card in Google Keep, you can add checkboxes, text labels, handwritten notes, small tasks, and more. One important issue is the possibility of location reminders that alert us when we arrive at a certain place.


In terms of simple design and user interface, is probably one of the best daily apps you should have. You can drag and drop tasks to change their order or priority, check tasks for completeness, and add tasks by voice command. Use sections or headers to divide projects or create sections. is also useful as a calendar tool, as it easily integrates with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, or any other calendar. In addition to everything already mentioned, this amazing to-do list tool can detect missed calls and remind you of them.

Features such as shake-task deletion give this to-do list app a modern feel. also offers great reminders that you can set for a specific time and anywhere you choose, such as at home or work. In addition, Any. do can help you organize your day by analyzing your tasks and suggesting the best time to complete them.

  • Google Tasks

This minimalist design app landed in 2018 and quickly became one of the simplest apps for jotting down pending tasks. It allows you to add subtasks within those tasks and basic details such as date, time, and so on. It also stands out for its full integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.

  • Todoist

The best tool we can use today and for many users is Todoist. Todoist is one of the oldest and most advanced task managers in recent years. But this is not the main reason, but its great flexibility and the ability to adapt to each user, while maintaining simplicity and the same functionality.

Todoist also has other interesting features, such as the karma system or the ability to organize tasks automatically. It also has a variety of options in the application to meet the needs of each user. Finally, it is interesting to note the large presence of Todoist on almost all platforms. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. But we also find it in the web version or extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or emails such as Outlook and Gmail. Dropbox, Zapier, IFTTT, or Alexa can also be integrated with Todoist. The tool is available everywhere to collect data and tasks quickly anywhere.

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