HBO Max Cancels Another DC Superhero Movie

HBO Max Cancels Another DC Superhero Movie

By camilaforero

It seems that there will be a series of cancellations of numerous superhero projects in the near future, despite the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery is in the final stages of preparations for DCEU’s Black Adam, since it has been seen that the company is still immersed in its fusion as the future of the DC Universe is reworked.

These changes in direction brought a new round of ideas for success to the comic book movie landscape, plus the trend began to catch up largely with the cancellation of Leslie Grace’s Batgirl, which was almost completely finished before it was released. that WBD decided to cancel its HBO Max launch in favor of saving money on taxes. And despite attempts to downplay the seriousness of this move, there are plenty of fans concerned about the future of some of DC’s heroes who aren’t yet seen as guaranteed hits.

Another series that was ousted during Warner’s wave of cancellations was DC’s Strange Adventures, and many of the fans have worried about other entries like Blue Beetle and Static Shock. In addition, with these changes, Warner Bros. Discovery has confirmed that the live-action entry of another fan-favorite DC character may end up canceled as well.

WB Cancels Zatanna-Led DC Movie 

It was revealed that the Zatanna movie in development has been canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max, this information was revealed according to The Hollywood Reporter. Another project centered on the classic DC hero, Constantine, was also included, which was another one of the few they canceled.


Most likely, the Constantine-centric project has been abandoned since there was an announcement that a sequel to the Constantine movie is in the works, which would be directed by Keanu Reeves. This news follows the seemingly new direction that DC followed Black Adam with a new “phase” of storytelling, plus upheavals going on internally at Warner.

How Many More DC Projects Will Be Canceled? 

Zatanna had never gotten a chance to shine in a live-action setting before, with her solo film having been in development for most of the last two years. Now, unfortunately, the Zatanna movie becomes yet another domino to fall as Warner Bros. And as another beloved character is pushed aside for the foreseeable future, fans are sure to continue raising questions about how the company will get back to bringing the epic superhero stories that viewers have become so accustomed to in the 21st century. 

There was also Killing Eve’s Emerald Fennell, who was set to write the story for this next adventure with one of DC’s most popular magic users, who would be cast in the same universe as Batman, Superman, and the Justice League.

Currently the only movies that were released after Black Adam are The Flash June 2023 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom December 2023, although news has revealed that a Flash sequel is in the early stages of development, several spin-offs are in development. developed by director Reeves, and James Gunn of The Suicide Squad is working on his next projects for the DCEU.

But after these releases, the DC Extended Universe will undergo a major reshaping effort, and it’s unclear if Zatanna will be included in this new roster or not.

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