Best Android Phone of the Year: Find Your Perfect Match

Best Android Phone of the Year: Find Your Perfect Match

By eduardogaitancortez

The best Android phone have unique features and cutting edge technology. Android phones usually have the most advanced technology, such as a larger camera sensor, a folding glass design or advanced software with Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, whoever has an optimal Android is usually up to date.

With several representatives in the list of the best smartphones of the moment, these Android phones are simple to use and powerful at the same time. Another piece of good news: there is something for everyone, from affordable phones to the most well-known and well-equipped top-of-the-range phones.

So if you don’t want to break the bank, we guarantee you’ll find the best cheap phone for you that works with Google.


The Best Android Phone


We’ve tested and reviewed hundreds of Android phones over the years, using each one as you would, pushing it to the limit, checking every little thing it can do, and knowing exactly what to look for. Although it is not difficult to choose one, we can help you find the one that really makes you happy.

We have primarily focused on mobiles that remain internationally accessible. Right now, Samsung dominates this field, due to its excellent devices, along with reliable service and support, and the headliner of our list is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

However, it may be quite expensive and have too many features for many people, so we have also integrated budget and mid-range possibilities. We’ve also integrated select phones with foldable designs, if that’s what you’re looking for, and if you stick with Android, those are the best Android phones out there in 2023.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a really good smartphone, with some of the best cameras you’ll find in a phone, one of the best screens, top-end power, a gigantic battery, and an S Pen stylus (with a slot to store it in).

This conjunction makes it the pinnacle of productivity, allowing you to easily draw, edit and write by hand on its monumental 6.8-inch screen, without bugs, no matter how heavy the applications you are. ending up.

In addition, such a huge and sharp screen and high-end processor also make it an outstanding smartphone for gaming, in which the 4-point camera is versatile and the best for zoom shots, thanks to the 10x optical zoom and digital up to 100x.

The 5,000mAh battery life is also quite good. It’s not the best, however it’s good enough to handle a day of fairly heavy use, and with a 45W charge you can also top up the tank in no time. an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate is also appreciated, as is water resistance, Gorilla Glass Victus+ defense, a gigantic amount of RAM, up to 1TB of storage and an under-display fingerprint scanner.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is pretty much the most, but its enormous size and high price will not be to everyone’s taste.


The Google Pixel 7 Pro


The Google Pixel 7 Pro takes amazing photos with ease, day and night, but it also takes the photography experience further than ever: it made our own photos from older phones look better, by the way. For now, that’s something you can only do with a Tensor G2 phone like the Pixel 7 Pro.

By the way, there are quite a few things the Pixel 7 Pro can do that none of its drivers even try. The Pixel 7 Pro hears better, verbatim. It recognizes what you tell it more accurately, making the Google Assistant more effective. Not only does it optimize photos, it makes them sharper, and uses Real Tone technology to accurately demonstrate skin tones. Quick is going to make the calls sound better.

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