Microsoft has started the roll out of AI Edge Image Creator: DALL-E

Microsoft has started the roll out of AI Edge Image Creator: DALL-E

By eduardogaitancortez

Microsoft has unveiled a global grade of its new Dall-E AI model-based image generator, Image Creator. Which is now available to all Edge users on desktop and  will allow you to generate images from a brief writing.


Microsoft has launched Image Creator 


The big tech has already worked last March to implement this functionality in previous variants of the Bing search engine and Edge browser. Microsoft has added this image production feature to its writing production feature with its “chatbot” functionality.

Now, Microsoft has launched Image Creator, which is now available to Edge users internationally, as announced on its official blog. Thus, it continues to apply functionalities in the browser in order to enhance the productivity and creativity of users.

In this way, the Image Creator tool is capable of producing images that still do not exist thanks to the work of its Open AI allies. Specifically, with the technology of the “most current” Dall-E models. This other functionality will be located in the right sidebar of Edge, next to the search engine tools.

Thus, to generate images, users will have to click on the Image Creator icon. After which a pop-up window will open in which they will have to write a brief specification of the desired image. As a consequence, Image Creator shows 4 different image possibilities so that the client can choose which one is the most suitable for what he is looking for.

Microsoft has also introduced other news in the browser such as Drop, a place to save and access content that you want to consult later or to which you can refer numerous times instantly and simply.


AI new Edge Image Creator 


With this instrument, the client will be able to enter from any person on their devices to resources shared with themselves. Such as photographs, notes, links or other types of documents. Following this line, it has implemented an option to edit and save web images without the need to use extra tools or applications.

With this alternative, the client will be able to cut the image, adjust its lighting or add filters directly from the browser. In the end, the selected image could be downloaded or directly inserted into a file or on social networks.

Likewise, if Image Creator has never been used, it must be added to the Edge toolbar. For that, all you have to do is click on the increase icon as a ‘+’ and activate the Author function. of pictures.


Microsoft will integrate AI (artificial intelligence) from GPT-4 into Microsoft 365


Microsoft continues its deep commitment to Artificial Intelligence. In this way it demonstrated by announcing Microsoft 365 Copilot, an assistant based on the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) of GPT-4. The assistant will be able to help create texts, change Word documents to a PowerPoint presentation, Excel tables and much more.

Copilot works much like the new features that Google introduced just a few days ago for some of its common services like Gmail or Google Docs. In this case, GPT-4 in Copilot will be integrated into the most common programs in the business sector: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook or Teams. All these with different functionalities depending on the service used.

As examples, Copilot will be able to produce a PowerPoint slideshow in a Word file. As a client, you only have to make the request to the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) and choose the file you want to try. Copilot will take care of doing the whole process until the PowerPoint presentation is finished.

The client will be able to make small adjustments, if he deems it essential, in the final result. In the Word situation, Copilot will write you a fairly deep full brief in whatever other file you tell it to, like a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet.

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