Pinterest Creator Fund: Expanded Opportunities for Creators in 2023

Pinterest Creator Fund: Expanded Opportunities for Creators in 2023

By eduardogaitancortez

Pinterest is the social network for finding inspiration par excellence. It is full of boards and “pins” (images) on various topics that serve as a guide for millions of users. Its increase is not a novelty and that is why they have decided to join the race to keep content creators on their platform.

Today we explain what Pinterest’s “Creator Fund” is. In this way, his idea “Creator Fund” arose, a fund of 500 thousand dollars for talents of the platform. This to improve the content of Pinterest and magnify the societies with which it counts. Throughout the first class, creators got a boost by participating in the show.


Is Pinterest Creator Fund adapting to the current market?


Fund creators saw approximately 2.9 times more Pin Initiative impressions and significantly more 72% monthly viewers compared to their previous performance. In general terms, they acquired well over 24,000 new followers, guarantees their official bulletin.

This is an investment that could pay off in the short to medium term, the first content creators to apply and have embraced the support found real increases in their performance. This coincides with other Pinterest initiatives such as the “Creator Code” which also seeks to generate a partnership on the platform.

Currently, a second fund for creators is in sight. In this situation, Pinterest would be interested in working with the BIPOC (Black, native and people of color) society, the disabled and the LGBTQ+ society to further improve integration and plurality in the platform.

It is essential for any organization to benchmark and find out what its direct competition is doing. Tal Pinterest has adapted the “Stories” feature to its platform, calling them “Story Pins”. This allowed them to improve activity on the platform.


How is it using resources?


Social networks have changed so much in recent years that they have become a scalable business model and to which its creators invest a lot of money to increase it. Maintaining the connection with the audience is essential and for this reason the influencers of each platform are key.

Pinterest announced $12 million in extra funding today for your organization an author’s fund aimed especially at people from conventionally underrepresented groups. The funds, a pool of cash grants, advertising credits and groups, will also extend the program until 2022.

This year’s effort will encompass 4 quarterly cycles: fashion/beauty comfort, lifestyle/home and food. According to Pinterest, 4 cycles allow a copacitation more personalized, and enlarge those cycles from 4 to 5 weeks offers creators more time income dedicated and resources.

Get the newsletter that specialists have about digital marketing Private recipients will receive $25,000 in goods, cash and services and early entry to the functionalities of Pinterest will also receive tips and products from corporate sponsor of each Wimestre.




This year’s sponsor is L’Oréal United States. Pinterest launched the program last year with an investment Initial $500,000 although currently only available for people in the US, the company plans to expand it to Brazil and the Unified Kingdom later this year.

Why do we care? There is a tendency to see efforts of variety, equality or integration as something beautiful. He fact is that they significantly benefit the final result by generating improvements and opportunities for the businesses of a direct and tangible way. The help of the creators of the marginalized societies expands the interest of interest reach the audience and dynamize their offers.

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