Twitter announces new API with only free, basic and enterprise levels

Twitter announces new API with only free, basic and enterprise levels

By eduardogaitancortez

After several days of heated debate about the future of its API, Twitter seems to have found a direction for its tactic. The social network delayed the restriction on free entry to it that, initially, was going to come into force a few months ago, and provided more details about the properties of the new version at no cost. A solution that is still not perfect, however it is intended to be less chaotic than the one announced by Elon Musk at the beginning of the month.

The announcement, which was made via Twitter, doesn’t go into much detail, but it does at least paint a bit more of a tidy picture. Regarding the paid variant, Twitter suggests that it will provide “low degree of API use” and access to the ads API, in exchange for the aforementioned monthly fee. In what the new free version will limit the construction of tweets to a greater than 1,500 per month for a unique authenticated client token.


The latter also includes the beginning of the session with the credentials of the social network. From Twitter they say that giving this instrument is “drastically fundamental” for their ecosystem, a reference that surely responds to the huge proportion of negative criticism it received after Elon Musk’s original announcement.

“This is a new chapter for the Twitter API to increase quality, minimize spam, and enable a thriving ecosystem. We appreciate your patience as we implement those changes and look forward to seeing what we build next!”

he tweeted. Although Twitter now seems to have a more orderly plan in relation to its API, the changes continue to raise more questions than certainties. Certainly, the fact that the social network announced the cancellation of the free access to it to later move forward offering a version without a price. However reduced, it does not seem to fit with the fact that it is considered a “drastically fundamental” instrument. It will remain to be seen what happens from the following week. After a wait period of well over a month, Twitter has finally released its updated cost builds for the new API.


Furthermore, they further announced that, in the next 30 days, they will be removing the Standard (for v1.1), Important, and High (for v2) entry levels, as well as the Premium tier. The new scheme comprises only 3 tiers, including a basic free tier geared towards content posting bots, a prime tier of $100/month, and at the end, an enterprise tier that will cost a hell of a lot more, though so far they haven’t spelled it out costs for this project.

  • Free: Write-only income with the ability to proclaim 1,500 tweets a month at no charge.
  • Irreplaceable: $100 per month subscription for starters to declare up to 3,000 tweets per month at client grade, or 50,000 tweets per month at app grade. The reading limit is 10,000 tweets.
  • Enterprise: Gives entry to commercial grade and services managed by a dedicated account team. Twitter also made it known that all subscription levels will have free access to the Ads API.


Regarding the academic society, Twitter did not provide much data on the future use of the API. Twitter suggests that the company is “seeking new ways” to favor the academic community, without elaborating on likely alternatives. The company mentioned that as it establishes a degree of use for the academic environment, scholars have the possibility to choose to subscribe to the free, basic and enterprise levels. Possibly the most available levels do not have the necessary resources for academics and the business degree is quite expensive, so they will have to wait until Twitter defines the new guidelines for this company.

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