Twitter Users Are Complaining About Vanishing Tweets

Twitter Users Are Complaining About Vanishing Tweets

By eduardogaitancortez

Twitter has let it be known that it is preparing a sequence of updates that will fix one of the problems occurring on the platform. If you have ever had tweets disappear from your timeline while you were reading them, don’t despair, there is already a solution on the way. Twitter will fix the problem of disappearing tweets.

What happens when a Tweet in cancelled?

Have you ever started reading a tweet, only to sadly watch it disappear? Or perhaps you were focused on a tweet, and then the feed updated, causing you to lose sight of the content? You’re not alone, as many users have long complained that they can’t finish reading tweets because they vanish. This issue seems to occur when the timeline updates or when there are multiple users replying to a tweet, causing the tweet to run out while reading.

Although there’s still no solution for this problem, Twitter has indicated that it’s working on forthcoming updates. However, Twitter has not yet disclosed what changes it will make to prevent users from losing content when the timeline or tweet status updates. It’s possible that Twitter may need to modify how tweets are rendered to address this issue. For now, we’ll have to wait a couple of months to see what solution Twitter plans to implement. In the meantime, if you want to avoid frustration when catching up on your timeline, you’ll need to be extra patient.

How Twitter can fix the problem

Twitter users have been complaining about a problem that primarily affects the mobile application: disappearing tweets. The platform had commented on this issue months ago, but it seems that it has yet to be resolved. In September 2022, the Twitter Support team addressed the matter after receiving user complaints.

“Let’s talk about tweets that disappear halfway through reading when the timeline appears to update automatically. We understand that this is a frustrating experience, and we’re working to fix it,”

they commented at the time. In other words, when new tweets appear and certain ones are pushed to the beginning of the feed.

“The background: a tweet would move up the timeline while replies are added to the ongoing chat. Since conversations can change rapidly, this meant that you wouldn’t see the same tweet repeated on the timeline. Our own changes will keep your timeline up to date and prevent tweets from disappearing halfway through reading,”

they added. The solution provided by Twitter has been to give users the option to choose between the regular timeline or one with recommended tweets, which is now labeled as “For you” and “Following.” However, there are still issues with the former, especially on the mobile application. Twitter has not provided any further updates on the matter.


As of November 2022, the Support post has not provided an updated name for the disappearing tweet issue, despite adding an update for iOS. Why hasn’t the problem been resolved yet? One of the major challenges in addressing such changes today is the issue of layoffs. Since Elon Musk took over, the company has reduced its workforce.

From the initial layoff of half the employees a month after the tycoon took over the organization, to subsequent layoffs in the following months, the impact has been evident. This was demonstrated when a single engineer caused Twitter to crash for several hours due to a lack of available staff to address the issue.

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