Important News for Twitter Blue users

Important News for Twitter Blue users

By dayannastefanny

The owner of Twitter, entrepreneur Elon Musk, has announced that, as of April 15, only verified accounts on the social network, i.e. those that pay a fee, will be able to be recommended to other users. Musk published a tweet on Tuesday in which he announced these new measures that involve a reorganization of the so-called Twitter Blue, a qualification that applies to accounts that pay a fee for verification and thus obtain a blue mark.

The South African businessman stated that the measure is the only realistic way to address the control of swarms of Artificial Intelligence ‘bots’ that interfere in the network through content automatically generated by computer programs. The measure, according to Twitter’s CEO, also implies that only verified subscribers will be able to vote in the polls that are formulated on the popular social network. In this way, accounts that do not pay fees to the company will not be included in the flow of tweets that are recommended on the network to other users.

New features but only from those who pay Twitter Blue

The initiative comes just two days after Musk assured in an internal note to his employees that the company’s value has been reduced to $20 billion, less than half of the $44 billion he paid for its purchase last October. For some time now, Twitter has adopted the TikTok approach to sharing content. By now you’ve seen that the social network’s little birdie has two parts that show you recommendations of content you might like, and the second that shows you what’s happening in the order of the stories you read below.

Their names in this regard are limited and respectively “For you” and “Applicants”. However, this was just the beginning of what could happen in the future and became a way to save the ships. And is that Elon Musk has announced a new measure that he hopes to do with a new filter in its logarithm to not show bots in the For You section.

The billionaire since arriving at Twitter has cut staff by nearly a quarter and sold much of the furniture in the San Francisco office. At the same time, he has failed to avoid losing a large number of advertisers, the company’s main source of revenue. Even its new paid “Twitter Blue” does not seem to have improved the situation. Twitter profiles currently pay about $7 a month to get the blue checkmark on their accounts that guarantees they are a verified profile and gives access to additional features on the network.

What about Twitter Blue?

If you are a Twitter user, whether you have a regular account or a Twitter Blue subscription, you will have already confirmed that a few weeks ago the main (lifetime) tab was split into two tabs: “For you” and “Following”. The latter only shows content related to the accounts you follow, and the former allows you to show pretty much everything Twitter wants.

And the question of “what Twitter wants” becomes more real, because so far the content generally seems to be what the algorithms think is important to you. The next step is that only accounts verified as Twitter Blue subscribers can see the content. It was Elon Musk himself who reiterated this new measure. According to him, it will begin on April 15 and will be in addition to other measures already announced, such as the “blue” subscription to vote ballots. Thus, every time we use the app, we find content that may or may not be related to us, but always comes from one of these accounts. The same goes for the Notifications section, which has been around for a long time and has a tab dedicated only to interactions from verified accounts.

This is another way to make sense of verified accounts and among the benefits of Twitter Blue is to increase the visibility of tweet replies and timelines in general, so they now have their timelines. The price for the main person on this tab is €8 per month if you order online or €11 if you order through the iOS or Android App. Fortunately, this kind of news is not long in coming in the follower’s tab. However, in Musk’s Twitter era, nothing is disposable anymore. So we look forward to new episodes of the platform, which is certainly far from what it used to be (some say better and many say worse).

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