Apple launches its new Offline Store in India

Apple launches its new Offline Store in India

By eduardogaitancortez

In 2019, Apple decided on Mumbai, India, as the location of its main retail store in the South Asian territory. At that time, the project was to open in September 2020, however a few months later, the calendar has changed to 2021. In even the opening had been delayed even more.

The India Express had reported:

“The launch of Apple’s first offline store in India, announced for Mumbai this year, has been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic disease, the company claims.”

India had a huge increase in COVID-19 cases in late spring 2021. However, it appears that Apple is being cautious with its retail store.




Fundamental to Apple’s growth India accounts for only a tiny percentage of iPhone purchases despite its monumental population. In the last quarter of 2020, Apple shipped well over a million phones in the country over a 3-month period, for example.

The inability of the United States organization to sell directly to consumers did not help increase those figures. The Indian government imposed the restriction to compel Apple to make more iPhones in India. Thus, for several years Apple had to rely on external resellers. However, an agreement was reached and direct online sales of the iPhone began in the territory in 2020.

Even so, the wait for an Apple flagship store in India continues. As part of its ongoing expansion, Apple will quickly open its first official store in India. The company shared the first image of the facade that the Apple BKC will have.


The day


A few days after this historic event, the first image of what could be the facade of the new Apple store has been revealed. We are talking about the first official Apple retail store in India. One of the most important markets in the world with millions of customers.

After various delays in the opening of the Apple BKC store, everything seems to indicate that the long-awaited Apple Store located in Mumbai will be inaugurated at the end of this month. Apple itself has begun to create buzz by sharing the first image of the store’s exterior. As well as some wallpapers for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, alongside the sounds of Mumbai on Apple Music.

The store is to be located in the nation’s foremost financial city, Mumbai, in a high-end supermarket in the Bandra Kurla Complex, which explains the Apple BKC name. The design is inspired by the iconic Kaali Peeli taxis in Mumbai, in which the Apple logo has a mosaic inside that highlights details of the nation’s culture. Hello Bombay.




We are getting ready to welcome you on board our first store in India. And with many triumphs to see where you take your creativity in Apple BKC, “says the official page. Consumers will be able to try and get to know the company’s products first-hand, live the entire experience of the Apple Store, including the service and support of professionals at the Genius Bar.

No official date has yet been set for the opening of the Apple BKC store, but everything is set for the huge celebration. By the way, the Economic Times suggests that certain Apple executives, including Deirdre O’Brien, will be present at the opening.

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