Best places to have a job in the U.S.A.

Best places to have a job in the U.S.A.

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U.S.A for the highest-paying jobs

In the times of Big Data, an architect still earns more bucks than data irrefutable, and if you’re a senior developer you’ll be able to move almost the fake in the girdle cooperation than in the private. At least except in the United States. These are exclusively some of the results unveiled by a recent Comparably increase cocktail published by TechCrunch, in which we can see the instrument salaries of the most popular jobs in the tech girdle.

The cocktail compares the data of the annual allocation environment in the most popular high-paying professions of the technological girdle, showing the differences that exist in the private girdle, as well as between men and women and three of the main cities of the country. Therefore, if you have bottled up hallucinate acullá to move in salient faja, it is convenient humanities these differences

The premise of the cocktail is certainly that, that to covenant better the assignment of your mission is Concorde humanities what others are charging. For this, they make a palate between what they call a public and private monster. However, here it is necessary to happen in a small account that public companies refer positively to the companies that are quoted on the stock exchange, meanwhile that the “private” ones are those that do not make it.

As for the data itself, comparably obtained from more than 100,000 employees of small, medium, and large U.S. technology companies between March 2016 and February 2018. The jobs were chosen for being the most popular in the tech belt, and some probity bonuses offered by some of the companies were not considered.

The best locations are:

  1. San Francisco, California with an Average Salary: $174,063.
  2. Seattle, Washington State with an Average Salary: $168,069.
  3. Seattle, Washington state withAverage Salary: $168,069.
  4. Boston, Massachusetts has an Average Salary: $158,548.
  5. Austin, Texas and Average Salary: $157,612.

Differences between “public” and private companies

The first graph in the new study shows the differences in salaries in three of the country’s major cities. Here we see, for example, that an architect is the highest paid overall, and can earn up to $184,000 a year at a public company in San Francisco.

Data scientists, chief engineers, or senior sales managers don’t fare badly either with salaries of $159,000, $180,000, and $178,000 per year respectively at public companies in San Francisco, although these are quite a bit lower in Los Angeles and New York with salaries of $126,000, $149,000 and $140,000, or $140,000, $149,000 and $169,000 per year respectively.

In fact, in general, all jobs are better paid in San Francisco than in Los Angeles, with New York City, with a few exceptions, being something of a middle ground between the two. The chart also makes it clear that private firms pay far, far less than public firms in the U.S., with differences that can exceed $40,000 per year in some cities and jobs such as sales manager. While architects in public firms in San Francisco earn the most at $184,000 per year, the lowest salaries among private architects in Los Angeles are $755,000 per year. Neither marketing managers nor operations managers at private firms in New York fare well: on average, they earn $75,800 per year, respectively.

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