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Best Text Summarising Tool for Academic Writing

Best Text Summarising Tool for Academic Writing

July 13, 2021 0 By ypaolavc

The different tools that the internet offers us have become our best allies when it comes to consulting topics that we are unfamiliar with or simply those that we want to study in depth.

Now, when we are studying or we want to understand a text, a summary is most appropriate, since one of the benefits that this brings is that you will have the main idea; however, sometimes making this type of summary can be complicated for some people, either for reasons of time or for not knowing how to approach it without eliminating the important parts. If this is your case, we have good news for you, because with technological advances, you can find a wide variety of tools to help you with this task. So today you will discover the best text summarising tools for academic writing.

Technology is our great ally, where it helps you to access internet sites that will give you the option to make use of this valuable study technique, let’s look at some summary tools:

FreeSummarizer: This tool allows you to get a summary, in which you discard the information you don’t need from the text. On the other hand, you can choose the number of sentences you want to retrieve and it locates all the relevant sentences through the keywords you enter. Another advantage is that it allows you to create documents from links, web pages, emails or any file you want without having to register. Finally, you can get a summary in different languages for free.

LinguaKit: is a website for teachers, researchers, advertisers, students, companies, etc. It is a linguistic tool that allows you to improve the quality of your writing, to analyse the language and, of course, to get the most important information from any text. It is free to use, but with a limit of up to five uses per day and is also available as an app.

Parafrasist: is a website that allows you to paraphrase or summarise any text, you can select the options you want and the best thing is that it will tell you which part of the original text has been removed so that you can compare if you wish.

Ressomer: This tool is a Chrome browser extension, in which you can automatically summarise online texts of up to 500 words, also allowing you to manually adjust the length of the text and use keywords. Through this option, you will have the key ideas and facts of your text.

You can summarise scientific, historical or argumentative texts and it is aimed at students, teachers, professionals and companies (it has its own exclusive section). Another advantage is that you can translate into other languages and download the summary in PDF and DOC format without registering.

TextSummary: With this application, you can quickly summarise and extract the most relevant information from any text, where you only have to set a desired percentage size for your summary, once done, you can download the summary in PDF or DOC for free and it is available for Android devices.

Here are some of the best summarising tools to choose from, so don’t worry if you don’t have time or whatever, they are very simple and easy to find, so ¡take advantage of them!