Can I create a Google account with another email?

Can I create a Google account with another email?

By carolc

With a Google Account, you have access to all the services the company offers. You probably didn’t know that you can use multiple accounts on the same device as well as Gmail email accounts and their email service.

In fact many apps come pre-installed on a device mobile that have Android as their operating system, and one of the requirements to be able to use them, is that you have an active Google account and with it you can even synchronize the data of your contacts.

When you want to create a Google Account, you’ll be given the option to get a Gmail account automatically. So you can access your email, now if you want to do so with a non-Google account, you should be aware that it shouldn’t be linked to any other Google service, with which you’ll be able to sign in, recover your password, get notifications among other things.

To choose an alternate email account, please note:

  • You shouldn’t use a Gmail account.
  • You can’t use an email account that’s linked to another Gmail account.

You must start with the password you use to sign in to Google when using that email account.

Entering an alternate email account

  • Sign in to your Google Account by signing in.
  • Search for Personal Information.
  • In the “Contact Information” Option, click the Email option.
  • In the part that indicates “Alternative Mails” You must select Add Alternate email address or add another email address. The system will prompt you to log in again.
  • Enter an email address that belongs to you and select Add.

A message will be sent to you with a key that will help you verify your alternate email address. If you want to sign in with this account, you must open the message that was sent to you and click on the link, which will redirect you to the home page. At that point you will already have guaranteed access with your alternate account.

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