Can you change your name on Tinder?

Can you change your name on Tinder?

By IsraeliPanda

This article shows you how to alter your Facebook name to alter your name on a connected tinder account. The best way to change your tinder name is to change your profile name on your Facebook. On the off chance that your tinder account isn’t associated with Facebook, you can just erase your tinder account and make another one without any preparation, yet this will likewise reset all your profile data and matches.


Step-1 Open the Facebook application.

  • Changing your Facebook name will naturally adjust your new name to your tinder profile.
  • On the off chance that you don’t have the portable application, you can open Facebook] in your program.
  • In the event that your Tinder account isn’t connected to Facebook, it is extremely unlikely to change your name.
  • You can erase your record and make another one, yet this will reset your profile and erase every one of your matches.


Step-2 Tap the ☰ button on the menu bar.

  • It will open your route menu on another page.
  • It’s on the base right on iPhone, and the upper right on Android.

Step-3 Look down and tap Settings and Security.

  • This will grow the sub-menu alternatives


Step-4 Tap Settings.

  • This will open your Record Settings page.


Step-5 Tap Individual Data under Record Settings.

  • You can see and alter your name, email address, telephone number, contacts, and other record settings here.


Step-6 Tap Name.

  • It’s at the highest point of the page. This will permit you to alter your profile name on another page.


Step-7 Alter your name in the name boxes.

  • You can tap any of the three content boxes on this page, and alter your first, center, and last names.
  • The top box is the main name.
  • The subsequent box is the center name. You can leave it clear in the event that you would prefer not to utilize it.
  • The base box is the last name.

Step-8 Tap Audit Change.


Step-9 Enter your secret key on the Seepage.

  • Tap the secret key box at the base, and enter your Facebook secret key to affirm changing your name.


Step-10 Tap Save Changes.

  • This is a blue catch at the base. It will quickly save and show your new name on your Facebook profile.
  • Your Tinder name will be naturally refreshed with your new Facebook name.


Step-11 Check your new name on Tinder.

  • At the point when you open Tinder, your profile name will be naturally refreshed with your new Facebook name.
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