How to clear search and location history in Google Maps

How to clear search and location history in Google Maps

By IsraeliPanda

This article shows you how to clear Google Guides search history. You can clear the inquiry history through an internet browser or utilizing the Google Guides application on your telephone. We as a whole quest for a lot of wacky and erratic things in Google Guides, and notwithstanding what Google figures we don’t generally need them sitting in our set of experiences for eternity. There are likewise a lot of times when we explored someplace that we’ll never return to, and there’s no motivation to have it saved in the application’s set of experiences. Fortunately, you can rapidly eliminate explicit pursuits and areas from Google Guides on your telephone. You can even go above and beyond and turn off history through and through.


Strategy 1 Erasing Areas from an Internet Browser


  • Open an internet browser. You can utilize any internet browser you like, like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
  • Explore the Google Guides Areas Page. This will open a guide with red spots demonstrating wherever you’ve been.
  • Snap-on > reuse bin> This will erase all area history joined to your Google Record, across all gadgets.
  • A container will spring up to guarantee you need to erase all area history. Affirm to proceed.

You can likewise decide to erase your area history from a particular day by choosing a day from the container in the left corner and choosing

On the off chance that you erased an inquiry or other general movement, it will presently don’t appear as a recommended section when you go to make new ventures in Guides. In the event that you erased a particular course or route thing, it will presently don’t appear as an idea while getting headings to an area close by. It’s additionally significant that erasing that specific inquiry or course makes little difference to the set of experiences things of past indistinguishable hunts or courses you may have made.  


Strategy 2 Erasing Areas through the Application


  • Tap the Google Guides symbol. This application symbol is found either on your landing page or the application cabinet. It would seem that a kaleidoscopic foundation with a white G.
  • Tap ⁝

This will open a menu as an afterthought with alternatives like surveying your places, seeing your timetable, and dealing with your commitments.

  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap map history
  • Tap ⁝ close to the area you need to erase. A spring up will show up with alternatives to see subtleties or erase.
  • Tap erase


To conclude the cancellation, you need to tap Erase again in the spring up.

This will erase just a single area at a time.

It’s critical to take note that stopping area history doesn’t imply that your telephone (and Google) no longer knows where your telephone is. Killing area history doesn’t kill area administrations. It essentially implies that the preposterous term, Google Guides doesn’t save that set of experiences. At whatever point your telephone permits an application to get to your area, that application will hand the current area to the application whether or not your settings at that point let the application save the area in its set of experiences.


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