Can you Create a Newsletter through Twitter?

Can you Create a Newsletter through Twitter?

By Alex Balaniuc

While shopping online on a web site, you probably came across a certain pop-up asking you to subscribe to the site’s newsletter. What is a newsletter, exactly? Well, it’s essentially a service consisting in a report, usually in the form of an email, that allows businesses to communicate with their customers. By subscribing to a newsletter, the customer will periodically get emails containing updates about the latest products and services a brand has to offer. Sometimes, being a newsletter subscriber can even grant the customer special discounts.

If you’re a business owner, you might want to create a newsletter for your brand: customers will be reminded to buy from your business thanks to the emails that are regularly being sent to them, and, by doing so, there’s a high chance of achieving customer fidelization.

Now, the newsletter service we’re going to talk about today doesn’t allow for the promotion of products or distribution of offers. But, nevertheless, it is pretty interesting to learn about. Especially if you’re a content creator with a Twitter profile.

Then, let’s learn how to create a newsletter on Twitter!

Revue: Twitter’s newsletter service

Revue is Twitter’s editorial newsletter subscription service. It’s a tool that can help content creators — such as writers, journalists and publishers — reach a wider audience of readers. If you’re a creator and decide to create a Revue newsletter, Twitter users will be able to subscribe to it by simply visiting your profile, or from your Tweets.

Newsletter subscriptions can be free or paid: it’s up to you to decide what it’ll be. A paid Revue newsletter will make you a certain amount of money, depending on how many people subscribe to it. Users will need to provide their payment information at the time of subscription. Keep in mind that your subscribers cannot immediately access your paid newsletter. First, they’ll have to subscribe to the free version; then, they’ll be able to upgrade to the paid version by selecting “Become a member” in the confirmation email they’ll receive.

Start creating your Revue newsletter now

With that said, how do you create a Revue newsletter? It’s actually very simple: you’ll just need to spend a few seconds to create a Revue account first (which can be done automatically by signing up with Twitter), and then you can start creating your newsletter.

Sign up right here to get started!

After signing up to Revue, you’ll get to choose your username and newsletter title. Following that, you’ll be able to set up your Profile in Revue’s account settings. During this step, you’ll enter your reply-to email address, your username, the URL your profile will appear on, your profile picture, the welcome message for new subscribers, etc.

In the Settings section you can decide whether to show or not your newsletter subscriber count, to receive emails notifying you about new subs and to set up Google Analytics.

Design allows you to pick a theme and change your newsletter’s appearance, Members lets you set up the paid version of the newsletter, while through Team you can invite other people to join in with the newsletter management.


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