Caput Mundi Shopping Center in Rome: How to Get There and List of Shops

Caput Mundi Shopping Center in Rome: How to Get There and List of Shops

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On Thursday, March 16th, in the heart of the capital, the Caput Mundi Shopping Center was inaugurated, a new boutique mall that looks towards the future and the upcoming Jubilee that will take place in Rome in 2025. With an investment of over 10 million euros and an area of 11,000 square meters, the top floor of the Gianicolo Terminal awaits over 35 million tourists who will visit the center of the world to witness the next Jubilee.

The opening of the Caput Mundi mall

Just a stone’s throw from St. Peter’s Square, the Caput Mundi project was born in 2020 thanks to over 10,000 square meters of spaces inside the Gianicolo Terminal, now managed by the Italian company Gasak. On March 15th, 2023, the Assessor for Security Policies, Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities, Monica Lucarelli, together with Roberto Pacini, CEO of Gasak, and Gaetano Nicolosi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gasak, cut the ribbon to officially launch the new mall that combines innovation and sustainability. At the time of the inauguration, the Assessor stated: “I am pleased to see this business being born, which is so attentive to sustainability, social issues and the territory, where it will be possible to walk in beauty in a place where culture and art are made accessible and within everyone’s reach.

Caput Mundi – everything you can find inside

Inside the new shopping center, you’ll have access to over 40 boutiques of selected Italian and foreign brands, some of which will be making their debut in Italy. The brands are united by a particular attention to ethical themes such as sustainability and solidarity. The new boutiques also feature a variety of products ranging from clothing, accessories, jewelry, toys, cosmetics, and useful services such as currency exchange, an ATM, a pharmacy, and a supermarket. All of this without forgetting the new exclusive and innovative food hall.

In the selection of restaurants inside the mall, Basara Sushi certainly stands out, the new sushi restaurant that arrives in Rome for the first time thanks to the opening of the new shopping center. The food hall covers over 600 square meters with a range of food & beverage offerings designed to delight the customer at all times of the day and accompany them throughout the shopping experience.

Inside the mall, you can also find a section dedicated to technological innovation. Inside, until April 9th, the real ET designed by Carlo Rambaldi for the famous 1982 film directed by Steven Spielberg was present. In addition, there will also be Sony Aibo, the new robotic puppy born thanks to artificial intelligence to bring even the youngest closer to the masterpieces of science. For children inside the mall, a space equipped with toys, sweets, and much more is dedicated. The proximity to the Bambino Gesù hospital, in fact, aims to offer families who have to spend entire days near the healthcare facility a pleasant pastime while waiting for visits.

Given the location of the new shopping center, several tourists will automatically find themselves inside the Gianicolo parking lot. A novelty that makes the mall unique is the possibility for tourists to book various guided tours directly inside the shopping center. Moreover, here they will have the opportunity to indulge in shopping, have a lunch break or attend an art exhibition.

Another particular innovation you will find is the possibility to enjoy works of art during your experience inside the mall. Roberto Pacini, CEO of Gasak, stated: “It is a choice that distinguishes Caput Mundi, and also gives the opportunity to enjoy art in an original way while shopping.”

At the moment, inside the mall, you can find various works including five works by Andy Warhol, two works by Ernesto Lamagna, one by Stefano Bressani, sculptures by Maria Luisa Taddei, and numerous tapestries and carpets from various eras.

An experience not to be missed

Caput Mundi thus creates an experience not to be missed. Born with its modern and surprising architectural concept, thanks to the natural light filtering from the ceiling to make the atmosphere inside warm and welcoming. Click here to discover how to get to the mall with all available means of transport. At this point, all you have to do is take a look at everything it has to offer!


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