Differences between Google slides and Microsoft PowerPoint

Differences between Google slides and Microsoft PowerPoint

By dayannastefanny

What is PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) is an office automation program designed to behave initiation of slides was created in the mid-80s and sold in 1987 to Bill Gates, becoming a celestial body product of the Microsoft monster along with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, making up the decisive projectile of Microsoft Office programs, is one of the most used programs for presentations, and is grown trump card for Windows and macOS operating systems; although they are being used equally on mobile, for Android and iOS.

This initiation software (and some earlier versions) offers different assets such as the use of clipart and incumbent spreadsheets, to the regular that different tools, such as Google presentations, allow people to make changes in real sessions in the same initiation, to the regular there is an origin insistence that allows you to view PowerPoint files in the best way (when using an origin phone).

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a tool that I increase online and offline (you have the Zumo of concession to continue editing also offline) Google Docs or Google Sheets. Nowadays, it’s very global to happen upon a Google ball, being the exclusive thing, you’ll need to exhale in Google Slides. It works in the same way as PowerPoint, but in the cloud, where all the changes you make will be saved, you can also exhale a pre-designed slide or originate an announcement from scratch, this tool is free of charge.

what are the differences of Google vs Microsoft PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has firmly established itself as the leader in presentation software and has been around since 1987 but Google Slides has not stopped growing since its launch in 2012, today, both PowerPoint and Google Slides are widely used around the world and are equally popular with users in personal and professional contexts, in this article, we will compare the two on 7 different criteria:

Online Performance

PowerPoint Online, the online version of PowerPoint, does not perform the same as the desktop version. Due to its lack of features, it is not as functionally advanced as Google Slides when it comes to creating online presentations. For more information, the Microsoft Office support blog explains the differences between the desktop and online versions of PowerPoint.

Google Slides was created for online use. Cloud-based software with excellent online performance. However, since it runs in your browser, it depends on the quality of your Internet connection. A slow connection can cause it to load slowly or even crash. For example, Google Slides is easy to use, allows for better collaboration, and is versatile. PowerPoint, on the other hand, is a more advanced product that has been in development for several years, so of course, it offers more features to the end user.

Offline performance

PowerPoint must be running on your desktop. After successfully downloading and installing, you can enjoy all its features. The desktop version of PowerPoint also includes a wide range of features, animations, and effects that you can use to create sophisticated presentations in your design and Google Slides, on the other hand, although not originally designed for offline use, also has an offline mode. However, the option to work offline must first be enabled while you are online.


PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office package, so a license is required to use it. Prices vary depending on the package chosen, Google slides is a free tool for anyone with a Google account.


PowerPoint requires Microsoft Office to be installed on your PC. Presentations are saved directly to your computer’s hard drive and can be retrieved from there at any time. However, to access the presentations online, you need access to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. As mentioned above, Microsoft offers a free online version of PowerPoint, but it does not have as many features as the full desktop version of the product.

As mentioned earlier, Google Slides is cloud-based software, so all you need is a Google account and an Internet connection to start creating slides. So, you can access your presentations from anywhere, as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.


In this case, enabling the auto-save option saves documents directly to OneDrive within minutes and for non-Office 365 subscribers, PowerPoint includes an auto-recovery option that allows you to recover your presentation in case of an unexpected error.

Google Slides automatically saves all data to Google Drive, so you don’t need to click Save to save your presentation. In addition, the history of previous versions of the presentation is included and can be restored at any time if needed.


Google Slides allows seamless collaboration between users, as it has always been designed to be used online. It offers different possibilities such as comments, simultaneous editing, and even a chat and collaborating in PowerPoint can be difficult, at least the 2010 version must be running first. In this case, you can save and share presentations via OneDrive, and Office 365 subscribers also get better collaboration settings.

Presentation templates

Templates can be found in both to modify but PowerPoint is a step ahead with several custom templates that include a greater degree of customization and graphical elements.

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