Discord: How Do I Add Servers?

Discord: How Do I Add Servers?

By Luca Fanicchia

Discord is a very popular voice and text communication platform that offers a free virtual space for people from all over the world to connect, collaborate and have fun together. Especially loved by the community of gaming enthusiasts, it is also used by interest groups, professionals and communities of all kinds.

In its online spaces, Discord offers a wide range of features and one of the most interesting aspects is the ability to find and join servers that match your interests and passions. These servers are specific spaces created by users to discuss specific topics, play together, share content or simply make new friends.

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Your friends are already waiting for you

Even with an intuitive app like Discord, looking for new friends on the web can be intimidating. To help you in your search for new friends, we’ve put together a short list of how to expand your contacts and make new and exciting acquaintances:

Join Servers of Interest

Search servers that deal with topics that interest you. Join discussions, share ideas and get involved in the community. This will help you connect with people who share your interests and may want to add you to their contacts.

Participate in online events and communities

Search for events or competitions held on Discord that relate to your interests. Attending such events will give you the opportunity to interact with new people and potentially add them to your contact list.

Collaborate on Projects

Join servers or communities that focus on collaborative projects. You might join game development, programming, or design groups, for example. Collaborating on a common project will allow you to connect with other team members and create lasting connections.

Join study groups or workshops

If you are a student or want to learn new skills, look for servers or study groups on Discord. These groups are a great way to connect with people with similar interests and potentially find study or learning partners.

Use social media

Leverage social media like Twitter, Reddit or Instagram to promote your Discord profile and invite people to add you. You can also join discussions on relevant topics and share your Discord invitation in the appropriate conversations.

Participate in Technical Support Servers or Forums

If you have technical expertise in a certain area, consider participating in related technical support servers or forums. Helping other community members with their questions and problems can get you noticed as an expert and make other people want to add you to their contacts for future assistance.

Create Your Own Server

If you have a specific passion or interest, you might consider creating your own server on Discord. Invite people with similar interests to join your server and build an active community around your favorite topic. This will allow you to connect with many people and could lead to lasting friendships.

Remember that, in all of these methods, it’s important to be proactive, respectful, and genuine in your interactions. Try to provide value to other community members and create a positive environment. Good luck with your new friendships!

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I have found a server that interests me. How do I join?

If you’re eager to join a new group, Discord offers a feature called “Server Discovery” that allows users to explore and discover new servers within the platform. This feature makes it easier for users to find servers that match their personal interests and tastes. With a little patience, you can also use it to find interesting servers.

Here’s how Server Discovery works on Discord:

Server Icon

In the left sidebar of Discord, you can find the server icon with a “+” symbol and a telescope icon. Click the telescope icon to access the Server Discovery feature.

Server Browsing

Within the Server Discovery feature, you’ll be able to browse and search for servers based on categories, interests, and trends. This allows you to find servers that may be of interest to you based on your preferences.

Categories and interests

Discord divides servers into different categories such as games, creativity, hobbies, sports, science and technology, to name a few. You can select the category that interests you the most to see a list of related servers.


The trending section will show you servers that are currently popular or growing rapidly. This allows you to discover emerging servers as well as participate in growing communities.

Search Filters

You can use search filters to further refine your server results. You can filter by language, number of members, server activity and other criteria to find more specific servers that suit your interests.

Descriptions and statistics

When you find a server that you might be interested in, you can view its description, rules, statistics and other pertinent information. This helps you better understand the nature of the server and decide if you want to join.

Server Invite

If you have found a server you would like to join, you can click on the server invite to begin the join process. Depending on the server settings, administrator approval may be required or an invite link may be generated automatically.

The Server Discovery feature on Discord is an effective way to discover servers that may be of interest to you. It lets you explore various categories and interests, discover popular and fast-growing servers, and use filters to refine the results based on your preferences.

Remember that once you’ve joined a server, it’s important to abide by the server’s rules and actively participate in the community to enjoy your Discord experience to the fullest. A silent member enjoys only half of what the platform has to offer!

Server Discovery is not enough for me. What can I use?

If searching through Discovery seems limiting to you, another effective way to find servers on Discord is to use third-party directories. There are several directories online that list a wide variety of Discord servers by category, interest, and language. These directories can greatly simplify the search for servers that suit your tastes and preferences.

Here’s how you can use third-party directories to search Discord for servers:

Search Discord Server Directories

Start by searching for trusted Discord server directories. Some of the more popular directories include Disboard (, (, and ( These platforms offer advanced search capabilities to make it easier to discover servers that may interest you and align with your passions.

Browse by Categories and Interests

Browse through the categories and interests available on the directory. These categories can include gaming, technology, music, art, sports and many other topics. Select the category or interest that interests you the most to view a list of related servers. Scroll through the list until you find a server that interests you.

Filter your results

Many directories offer filters to further refine your search. You can filter results by number of members, language, activity level, and other criteria to find exactly what you want. By using this feature carefully, you can focus your search on your specific interests, leaving out what doesn’t interest you.

Explore server details

Click on servers that seem interesting to you to access more information. Following, read the server description, check the rules and guidelines. Check the number of members to get an idea of the activity and size of the community.

Join the server

Find a server that you like and that matches your interests. Click the invite button to join the server. In some cases, Discord may ask you to accept the invitation and join the server through the platform itself.

Explore further

In addition, you may also want to look for more specific and thematic directories. For example, if you are interested in programming, you might look for a directory listing specific programming servers. Conversely, a sports enthusiast might be interested in servers dedicated to outdoor activities.

Using third-party directories is a great way to discover Discord servers, since that may be out of your knowledge range. Remember, once you’ve joined a server, it’s important to abide by the server’s rules and actively participate in the community.

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A place open to all

To conclude, Discord is a great place to find servers. It allows you to match your interests and to connect with people who share your passions. Whether you’re a gamer, creative, student, or professional, Discord provides a welcoming environment to socialize, collaborate, and learn. The ability to add contacts and expand your network, therefore, becomes extremely easy and stimulating. I hope this guide has given you the information you need to find servers on Discord. I wish you pleasant conversations, friendships and exciting discoveries within this vibrant communication platform.