Minecraft: Here’s How To Enchant

Minecraft: Here’s How To Enchant

By Luca Fanicchia

Minecraft, the famous sandbox game created by Mojang, has captivated millions of players around the world thanks to its wide range of possibilities and the freedom to explore on offer. One of the most fascinating aspects of the game is magic, which allows players to upgrade items and armor to face ever-greater challenges. In this article, we’ll explore the wonderful world of enchantment in Minecraft and walk you step-by-step through the process of enchanting items to make the most of their potential. Otherwise, read how to do it on the official wiki of the game.

Enchanting what a passion

Build an Enchantment Table: To start enchanting, you’ll need an enchantment table. You can create one using 4 obsidian blocks placed at the corners, placing 2 diamonds at left and right of the center, and a book in the center. Once built, place the enchantment table in your base or work area.

Finding materials

Some of the materials you need to build an enchantment table are quite difficult to get hold of. Here’s how to find the various materials most efficiently:

Obsidian: Obsidian is a tough block commonly found near water sources. The simplest form of harvesting obsidian is by using a pickaxe with a “silk touch spell”. This spell will allow you to collect blocks of obsidian without breaking them. Find a pool of water and dig a hole in the ground near it. Then, stand in the center of the hole and pour a bucket of water so that the water comes into contact with the lava below. The water will convert the lava into obsidian. Use the enchanted pickaxe to collect obsidian without destroying it.

Diamonds: Diamonds are valuable resources, but you can find them deep in caves and underground mines. Dig down until you reach level 12 or lower (you can check the height in the coordinate menu) and search along cave walls or in the corridors of abandoned mines. Use an iron pickaxe or better to collect diamonds, as tools made of wood or stone are not strong enough.

Book: To get a book, you will need animal skins and paper. For the paper, collect sugar canes from the water’s edge and use them to make paper in your crafting grid. For animal skins, you may need to raise and kill cows or sheep to get enough skins. Then, in the work grid, place 3 sheets of paper in the top row and 3 hides in the middle row to create a book.

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, build the enchantment table. Make sure you place it in a convenient location, such as your home base or work area.

Remember, the efficiency of gathering materials also depends on your exploration skills and equipment. Make sure you have a pickaxe enchanted with “Silk Touch Charm” to harvest obsidian without destroying it, and an iron or better pickaxe to harvest diamonds. Explore the caves and underground mines carefully to find the diamonds efficiently.

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The table is ready. And now?

Gain Experience: Spells require experience points (XP) to apply to items. You can earn experience by killing mobs, collecting ore, or cooking food. Make sure you have enough experience points before proceeding with spells.

Prepare Items: To enchant an item, you will need a basic item and lapis lazuli. Items you can enchant include armor, weapons, gear, and tools. Make sure you have the items ready before starting the enchantment process.

Interact with the enchantment table: Place the item you wish to enchant in the first slot of the enchantment table interface. At the top, you’ll see a range of available spells along with their experience point costs. Costs increase as they move to the right. But beware! There are some things to take into account.

Why do I only see a few spells?

Your experience level affects the spells you can obtain. Some spells require a minimum level of experience to unlock. For example, you may need to reach a certain level of experience, such as level 30, to gain access to the most powerful spells.

When you apply a spell to an item on the enchantment table, the level of the spell will be determined by the level of the book you use. You can get enchanted books by finding them in chests, fishing or trading with village enchanters. Enchanted books already have an enchantment and an assigned level, which will affect the enchantment you can apply to the item.

Not all spells are compatible with each other. Some enchantments cannot be applied to the same object at the same time. For example, you cannot apply both Sharpness and Might on the same sword. However, there are spell combinations that can be very effective when used together, such as Protection and Bullet Repelled on armor.

Finally, some enchantments are specific to certain items. For example, Might of Tridents is a trident-only enchantment, while Grasping is specific to fishing rods. These enchantments offer unique abilities and benefits specific to the items they are applied to.

Remember that spell selection is also affected by randomness. Even if you have access to a certain level of experience and have the right spell table, you may not always get the spell you want. You may have to try multiple times or get different enchanted books to get the enchantments you want. With that in mind, let’s move on.

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Is it charming time or not?

Select Enchantment: Scroll through the available enchantments until you find the one you wish to apply to the item. Each spell offers different benefits and boosts. Make sure you read the descriptions carefully and choose the spell that best suits your needs. Among the many enchantments present in Minecraft, you may find:

Power: You can apply this spell to bows and increases the power of your shots. The higher the level of the spell, the more damage it inflicts on opponents. You can deal significant damage with a bow enchanted with Might, making this enchantment ideal for ranged combat.

Sharpness: You can apply this spell to swords; it increases the damage dealt to enemies. By increasing the level of the spell, you can cause more damage with each hit, making it easier to defeat mobs and other players.

Projectile Protection: The Projectile Protection spell is perfect for protecting you from ranged attacks, such as arrows or fireballs. Youcan apply it to armor and reduces damage taken from projectile attacks. By increasing the level of the spell, you can further reduce the damage taken from bullets.

Might of Tridents (Impaling): This spell is specific to tridents and increases the damage dealt to marine mobs such as guardians and slashers. The Power of Tridents spell can make the use of this powerful underwater tool more effective.

Protection (Protection): You can apply this spell to armor; it reduces the damage taken from all types of attacks. The higher the level of the spell, the more protection it provides. You can combine multiple armor pieces enchanted with Protection to get total protection.

Lure: You can apply the Lure spell to fishing rods; it increases the chances of catching fish. With a higher level of enchantment, you will have a better chance of fishing quickly and obtaining valuable items such as fish, treasures and enchanted books.

Efficiency: You can apply this spell to pickaxes and other mining tools. Increases the speed with which you can break blocks, making your digging and gathering of resources faster and more efficient.

Barrage (Multishot): You can apply the Barrage spell to bows; it allows you to fire multiple arrows at once. This spell can be very useful when you are facing hordes of enemies or want to hit multiple targets at once.

Apply Enchantment: Once the enchantment you want is selected, click on the item in the enchantment table to apply it. The required experience points will be used and the item will be enchanted with the magical power of the selected spell.

Experiment and Create: Now that you’ve enchanted the item, you’ll be able to use its enhanced capabilities in your gameplay. Experiment with different combinations of spells and create the perfect equipment to meet the challenges the world of Minecraft throws at you.

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Spells for all tastes

Whether you’re a skilled fighter or an ingenious builder, the art of enchantment in Minecraft will offer you endless possibilities to improve your skills and explore the game to the next level. Enchanting items will allow you to transform your character’s equipment, face scary creatures, create incredible structures and immerse yourself even further in the magical Minecraft universe. Have fun and may the magic be with you! And if you have any doubts, don’t forget to consult the official wiki. Even a wizard needs some advice sometimes!

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