DM on Twitter for Android

DM on Twitter for Android

By IsraeliPanda

You can send a private, unencrypted direct message to one or more people by using the Twitter website or mobile app.A direct message (DM) is a type of semi-private communication that allows you to talk to someone without posting the conversation to Twitter for everyone to see.

DM on twitter

On the other hand, you can’t direct message anyone on Twitter. A Twitter user must either be following your account or have enabled the option to receive direct messages from users they do not follow in their Twitter settings (mostly businesses enable this option). Additionally, you are unable to send a direct message to a user until their blocks are removed, regardless of whether you have blocked them or them.

  • After starting the Twitter app, tap the Messages icon in the shape of an envelope at the bottom of the page.
  • The To: Enter the Twitter handle or name of the person you want to message in the field. When the name appears in the search results, tap it. To send a message to a group, tap the To field: once more into the field, and keep adding new names.
  • In the field named “Begin a message” at the lower part of the page, type the message.
  • To attach a picture or GIF, tap the icons to the left of the message field.
  • When you are finished, tap the Arrow icon to send the message.

Your customers can talk about your company and services with millions of other Twitter users through direct messages. When they have a kind word to say, this is a good thing. However, whenever they encounter difficulties, they frequently make use of the platform to express themselves, voice their opinions, and openly request your assistance.

You may limit the damage to your brand and demonstrate to other users that you take customer satisfaction seriously by encouraging such critics to send direct messages and reaching out to those who tweet their complaints.

The customer’s anger will be lessened, he or she will feel heard, and the likelihood of negative outcomes will be reduced if the complaint is brought up in private conversation.

Twitter Direct Messages allow businesses to privately resolve customer issues or disagreements without significantly harming their online reputation.If there are fewer tweets about customer service-related issues, your Twitter company profile will be less cluttered.

If sent correctly, direct messages on Twitter have a 30% response rate for lead generation.

In public forums, where a large number of public comments will clog your public feed and raise your likelihood of being marked as spam, lead generation becomes difficult because it requires a significant amount of follow-up and back-and-forth communication.

Have you seen someone tweeting about a topic that interests you, is relevant to your field, or about which you are knowledgeable?Do you want to talk to another thought leader in the industry?

Why not continue communicating with them via Twitter DM?

Twitter Direct Messages are a great way to start productive discussions. However, using them to promote your company without any context is not as effective.

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